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Strong Squat and Deadlift, Weak Bench?

My squat(405) and my deadlift is 585 at 238 pounds my bench is 225 for 5 reps always had a hard time getting my bench stronger what could it be? I do high volume workouts on top of bench it just seems to progress extremely slow compared to my other lifts?

How about a high volume workout OF bench instead?


Don’t do a high volume workout on top of low volume benching: do a high volume of benching

Thats not what you said a month ago in one of your first post…

I am about to be 30 in a week have a solid job a house to myself I am very mature,it seems like no one is ready for steroids bunch of fucking clowns trying to tell another man how to live his life,instead of helping! I remember I posted back in the day when I was 22 and people said I was to young smh now I’m 30 can squat 450,deadlift 550 and bench 375 and people still fucking complaining! This is exactly why I hate life.

so which is it?


What did I say my bench is weaker I need help getting it up?

Unless you have the most ridiculous nervous system on the planet, a 5x225 bench will not facilitate hitting a 375lb bench for a single.


Do a better job of trolling

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Give me a break my bench is so low what’s the problem?

The problem is you’ve been caught blatantly lying about your numbers, so we can’t trust anything you say. We don’t know what your bench actually is, or your squat, or your deadlift, we just know you’re full of shit, so it’s a waste of everyone’s time to try to help someone who can’t even be honest on an anonymous forum.


When did I say I could bench more than 225!

Right here. In the post bulldog quoted, where you claimed you bench 375 so random people on the internet could give you the go-ahead to take roids. Just go away, dude.


Also, you’re on steroids (let’s ignore the bullshit story where your doctor told you to just go on TRT forever because you were already on cycle), and you bench 225? That IS a serious problem.


Why lie?
Honestly, you make a fool out of everyone who has tried to help.

Mark now as a new start, what are your stats?
Don’t bullshit, and own up too it…


My sincere apologies that is a typo I did not mean to write that! Honestly


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Yah but my deadlift and squat are what I said my bench is the weak for some reason I want to know what I am doing wrong?

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But what?
You havent even touched on or addressed what everyone has called you out for.

You have advice from a collective of lifters here who post in all our own collective training logs what we do, regularly posting videos and exact training sessions to keep track of our progression, yet you’ve come out, lied about what you do and have shown a history here of being dismissive towards the advice of both your well-being (pharma use) and your training, yet you want to brush it under the rug and continue to expect these guys to continue to help fix your problems, and likely will again not adhere to the advice given.

Reality check mate, that attitude ain’t gunna get you far here. You might as well own up to the shit youve spread and start being a little bit more transparent.


Ayo mods, what can we do here?

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