Strong Squat and Dead, No Pistols??

Ha! I’m the opposite, I can do a pistol with a 70lbs at a bw of 220 but I have never squatted, so I wonder how that would translate.

I’d like to eventually complete the “beast challenge,” a pistol, one arm press, and pullup with 106lbs.

What is this beast challenge you speak of?

You dont do those things at the same time right?

Maybe it’s me, but it sounds like your eccentric strength needs improvement. Have you focused on simply decellerating your bodyweight (on all exercises)?

If you think your legs are strong enough, but you can’t get the hang of pistols, try doing isometric contractions at the bottom of the movement. When this is easy, start lowering to a box at or a little above parallel.

Make sure that your weight is above the squatting leg, NOT the suspended leg - commonsense maybe, but it took me a while to realize this when I was trying to figure out the eccentric.

You also might want to practice in a wading pool - it helped me get over my fear of landing on my ass.

“The Beast” Is the nickname for the 106 lb. or 3 pood kettlebell. It’s the largest standard size. I haven’t heard of the specific challenge, but I take it that it would be doing a one arm press with it, a pull up with it attached to you and a pistol holding it. All rather difficult.

“Beast Challenge” details here:

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That’s it, but screw the kettlebells, I’m using my cheap ass walmart dumbell :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know how different a kb is compared to a db of that size, but i can for sure do the beast with a db.

Does it matter where you hold the bell during the pistol? Ive always done them holding the db in one arm at my waist.

Interesting, I did a couple single leg squats off my chair and moments later, i attemped to do a full pistol and I did it! It was remarkably easy as well! Then the following day, I tried to do it again but I kept losing balance. I guess a lot of it involves flexibility? Maybe i had a good stretch doing those on the chairs so when I attempted to do the pistol, I was successful.

On the other note, the beast challenge seems so interesting.