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Well I had planned on taking Halo or tren to peak my strength for my June lifting comp. but neither of those are available. All I can get is Winny. How much and for how long should I take this to see the biggest strength increase possible. This is the first time that I’ve run a Winny only cycle. Any input would be great!!

Not sure what your previous use is like or how big you are etc. But I notice it at 50mg/day and I know guys who go up to 100/day. I would not do this for over 4-6 weeks though.

Sorry about the lack of info. I have some previous use but not with orals. I am 187 pounds. I only have until the middle of June so 4-6 weeks would be perfect. What kinds of strength gains would a guy see of off the above doses?


I dont know if you’re talking winstrol depot or tablets here, but anyway:

100mg winny oral a day is fairly anabolic. Its a strictly class 1 drug however. If you can get anything else to stack with (test is ideal) then i would do that. I dont know if gaining weight is a concern (if it isnt, run your test at 500-750) and that will give you some good class 1 and class 2 activity. If you dont want to put on size then the 100mg winny (oral) will be at least moderately effective. The only advantage of the depot version is a more even concentration in the blood. You wont get the same peaks and valleys that you do with the oral version. This is an advantage. As such, i’d likely only use depot at 50-75mg daily. 100 is fairly heavy, but if you’re only using for 4-6 weeks, its safe.

As for strength gains, that really depends on you and how you react to the drugs. Theres not really any table anywhere that says if you take this you will gain this. However, given that it is a fairly potent class 1, you should see some good strength gains. Try to find something to stack with it though. Tren or test (or both) would be ideal.

justinP: correction: winstrol is class 2