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Strong opinions

What I usually do is say to anyone who disagrees with me is “You’re either with me or you’re against me. Stop being so anti-Say”

TO Say:

That’s your problem. You think you are always right and you never listen to anybody elses opinion unless it suits your opinion. Try being a little open-minded and maybe you will learn something.

Uh, JasonL, I think say was mocking Bush’s post-September 11th statements.


Although not that many people took you seriously after you started raving about weak-willed, weak-minded people…

you definitely lost any credibility when you attacked karma.

Isn’t it sorta weak-minded of you to
A. Berate people with other opinions
B. Jump all over a fairly innocuous post
C. Mistake karma for a guy (i don’t read this forum much and even i know that)

To doogie:

Sorry, I didn’t get it at first. I should of figured Say would make a reference to US. It seems that all of his posts are.

Diesel and Say, the second I see either of their names appear I just leave the forum since I know that all that is going on is name calling and absolutely no chance of a rational discussion. This is why I never post, and Ive been here for 2 years.

How amusing! Here I am, reading these incredibly anti-liberal diatribes by Diesel and PtrDR… and I agree with all the counterpoints! I must have some ‘liberal’ in me after all!

Diesel, credibility is byproduct of evenhandedness. Broad statements without support engender quite the opposite. Certainly you don’t feel EVERY liberal is ‘weak-wiled, weak-minded…’… and all the rest?

PtrDR, your definition of absolute truth is arbitrary. And the last sentence of your first paragraph is about the most crudely laughable single phrase I’ve ever read.

But back to the original topic. Would I uphold my views in The Real World?

I believe in the government. I believe in the cause. And, God willing, I’ll be an officer in the Marine corps soon enough.


Jason brought up a good point though. People like Say are the first ones to call conservatives closed minded, when in fact they are the biggest one way thinkers of them all. Hippies like him could see an entire convoy of the most deadly weapons man has ever created and enough people to talk about the evils of Saddam to make his anti-war marches pale in comparison, and they still would complain. They would continue on with weird logic such as “well, we gave him those weapons,” to hold on to their opinions. It drives me nuts and that’s why if you talk with college students now days they are actually getting more and more fed up with groups such as these (and I should know because that’s what I pretty much do for a living).

A few years ago I was asked to speak at seminar on why “the other side” never attends any of the school sponsored seminars. I tried to explain that it was the left wing mentality that was driving them away. And you know what happened, I was basically shouted off the stage. Even the dean of the college was making such rude comments to those around her that one of my friends in the crowd nearly stood up and called her out. It was so bad that the moderator (one of the most liberal people I know) apologized to me afterward. But that’s how the left wing works. They shout others down and then accuse others who don’t share their opinion closed minded.

Say, what annoys me about you and the rest of your cronies who frequent this page is that you continue on with these misguided and unsubstantiated remarks, generally lacking any great sense of logic or thought for no reason than to simply annoy us. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to do it. Hell, the Constitution even defends stupid speech, but dear God why do you have to be so blatantly annoying about it. I often find many people who take this type of approach do so in an effort to gain personal attention and haven’t really thought their way through things. It’s why I think today’s hippies are protesting just to protest. They don’t really know why other than that “the 60’s were cool man.”

As for the main question on this thread, yeah, I say what I’ve got to say everyday. I’ve had hour long debates standing in the freezing cold of Minnesota debating every issue you can imagine with my extremely liberal friend. I simply ask that they use some logic and face the real world if they are going to talk about it with me and that usually saves me from most of the conversations. Why have an opinion if you are not ready to defend why you think that way. Besides, you can never fairly change that opinion unless you know why you have chosen it in the first place.

Did I ever lost a friend because of my opinions? No. Why? Because I pick my friends so they are mature enough and got enough self-confidence to let me state my opinion and then reply with their own arguments. I mean, what good is any discussion if we’re not open-minded(at least a bit)??

It’s called preaching and not discussing.

To PtrDr: Sorry about that but I don’t agree with your rationale because you have choosen your definition of what’s a human being and what’s not. Of course, when thinking that way, it’s much easier to see our opinions as absolute truths while they are truly only opinions. But PM me if you want to discuss further of this matter…:0)

I must say there’s quite a rift between liberals and conservatives in the US, as far as this forum can be used as a viable sample. Why most of you hate liberals so much? Is it a kind of social trend or what?..

SO to recap a bit Hypnz, no I haven’t lost any friends because of strong arguments because we all have the balls to be open-minded when we discuss of any matter.

My 2 cents,


Well, first I’ll say I agree completely with Avoids Roids, well put.

Do I express my views ooutside the forum the same as I do here? Absolutely.

Have I lost any friends because of it? Not by my choice. But then again, it begs the question of whether they were real friends to begin with.