Strong opinions

Given the very strong opinions expressed by some re war, politics,etc I was wondering how many of you voice your opinions in a similar way ‘in the real world’?
Have you won/lost friends over your views?
Do you care?
This is not a wind up, I am just curious given some of the vehement outbursts posted.
PLEASE do not turn this into another thread to put forth your views.

Could this PLEASE be a wind up…the end of this war/anti-war nonsense would be welcome…

“There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hand”

~ Plato

(Runs screaming from the computer NOO!!!)

I’d rather do something, um, interesting instead of spending countless hours watching CNN or arguing with people about something that’s out of my hands.

If you are being subtle and asking “Do you have the kohonas to say on the street what you say online”?.. in my case the answer is YES. I am, as I already said, in the national guard and COULD be activated at any time. I think bush & cheney are pusses and a cons. The “war” is a CON to get the oil. The UN no longer has the ultimate say, in my opinion. Funny how alot of republicans ARE NOT currently (yesterday’s RAMBO) in uniform. Kinda makes ya think doesn’t it???

Most of my friends are pretty conservative. The biggest arguement we ever have is over affirmative action. My two closest friends and myself are all white guys married to Hispanic women, one of whom is extremely pro-affirmative action. We go round and round, especially after drinking. Those arguements have actually been some of the best nights of my life.

In the real world? I have two friends who opposed the war in a strong way. One of them asked me what I thought about it, and I told her. (I’m not particularly opposed, BTW.) We went back and forth a few times, then just decided to agree to disagree. No harm, no foul.

The other friend is a guy who, unsolicited, started sending me emails about how screwed up Bush and his policies are. I just deleted most of them, but after a while I asked him to take me off his list. He said, “Sure. I just thought you’d like to be informed about what’s going on.” I thought about writing him back and asking him why he would presume to think that I wasn’t informed if I wasn’t getting his emails, but then decided not to worry about it. It’s not worth losing a friendship over.

But you know, I like my friends and they will respect my decision to believe the way I do, as I respect theirs. However, I have to say that for the average bar asshole who thinks that it’s okay to try to argue everyone into the ground, all bets are off. I can say, will say and have said things that were intentionally designed to provoke/piss the person off. So yes, in the real world I’d say that in this particular case anyway I’m just as inclined (maybe more so) to state my views in the real world as I am on the Forum.

I don’t actually know anybody who thinks the war is necessary or a good idea. I do talk about the war with other folks. Everyone I know thinks this will ultimately make America LESS safe in the long run, and that we taxpayers will be paying for this war for a long long time.

Many people are smart enough to know that dissent against the war is not reason or unpatriotic.

That may be hard to believe, reading some of the rhetoric on this board…

When I use to work out at a club, I would see people doing the stupidest shit, but I kept my mouth shut. But every once in a while somebody would come up to me and try to give me advice, like a personal trainer right out of high school (I swear she was probably a cheerleader) came up to me as I was helping my mother with seated calf raises. The first thing she said was that my mother was doing too much weight. In the most sarcastic tone possible, I said “No she’s not.” I was ready to argue the point, but she quickly rushed away and told her supervisor, who left me alone.

I follow the same rules with stating my opinion. I generally ignore other people’s opinions unless they shove them in my face, or start a discussion with me. I have a friend who was on the opposite side of the fence from me on 85% of our political discussions, but we never raised our voices, and I consider him a good friend. (Yes, everything I just posted here I have posted before, but at least I didn’t state opinions.)

Thanks for the replies.
Cupckae, in New Zealandish "a windup can mean having someone on, stirring it up etc.
Squat700x3, yeah I was trying to be subtle, which is unusaul for me, normally subtle as a brick.

In my case it depends on the situation/people. Most people are closed minded and take any opinion contradictory to their own as a personal attack.

I have friends that are pro-war and I have friends that are anti-war and we respect each others opinions. I do not, however, have friends, nor do I tolerate people, that are anti-american, anti-semetic, anti-muslim, etc. or pro-terrorist.

I piss people off on a routine basis. I’m straightforward and a bit too blunt for some people. But I also don’t discuss politics and religion with others because I have little interest to do so. I may state my stance, but I keep it at that. No sense in explaining my side of things.

Like I said before, my opinion is my opinion and someone else isn’t going to change it whether it’s on an internet forum or in person. There are too many misconceptions and misinformed people on many subjects (Just look at the things posted on the forum about training, nutrition and the off-topic stuff).

I give my stance if someone asks and leave it at that. An explaination is not necessary. Unless we are talking about training and nutrition, and then I will back up and go into detail on that topic.

 Thank God I didnt join the National Guard.

 The mere thought of encountering such a weak-willed, weak-minded soldier by my side scares me to death.
 They say 25 Marines take their lives every single year. Trust me when I say that number would be at least 1 bigger, if I had to endure such a conspiracy theorist whine-ass for 8 fucking years. 
 Then again, there's a reason why they only use National guard as a last resource, eh Squat...
  Thank god I didnt find any fucking liberals to argue about the war.

  Every single one of my friends are knew this war had to happen and support it 100%.

  I cannot stand liberal asses. Call me what you will, these people just plain annoy me for reasons I do not care to delve into. I wouldnt be surprised if I severed ties with a liberal friend over this...

  Conspiracy theorists, weak-willed, weak-minded, lazy asses, think they know it all, wouldnt move one goddamn fucking finger to do whats right, sheeple, morals and values up their asses... There, I guess it didnt take all that long to delve into those reasons after all huh...

I agree with Diesel. I can’t stand liberals because most of them dont’ believe in the reality of “absolute truth.” Most believe in relative truth with no fixed right or wrongs. Clearly, the laws of life…math…science and religion don’t work that way (relative truth). There IS such a thing as objective truth and if you follow the liberals arguments to their logical conclusion you will arrive at that point. For example. Most liberals believe murder is wrong. Howvever…they don’t believe abortion is murder. Now, let look at it for what it is. Is a fetus or embryo not a human? Is it not living with a heartbeat and cell developement…much like us grown ups? Is the unborn innocent? Murder=killing an innocent person on purpose. So, if we acknowledge that the embryo/fetus growing inside a woman is a human, vs for example a cat…mouse…snake…etc. and we can conclude that it is innocent of doing any wrong whatsoever…then it follows the chain of logic that what is happening to that unborn child when we kill it in a deliberate way is murder. See…what appears to be relative truth(the right to choose to do whatever you want) turns out to be absolute truth. And dont try the incest, rape,thing since less than 1% of abortions are attributed to that. And even if a woman is impregnated with sperm from one of these two vermin she can take measures to clean herself out and minimize the chance of conception.

I think you get the point here: I don’t have many liberal friends because a logical discourse cannot happen with someone who doesn’t believe in absolute truth.

 Let me just give you a keyword:
 *college professors*

 Why does College and University atract such a bunch of losers?

 They just wont shut up in class either. Their job is to teach Fact, not to give an editorial on the war, for fuck's sake.

  I know of several local college professors who've made it a point to start heated arguments with who other than United States marines sitting in class. People, when arguing with a marine lets be careful of what is said and what is meant, when you know all too well their friends and colleagues are currently fighting in Iraq shall we?

You're entitled to your opinion but to my respect when what you say and what you mean show no consideration to those who are endangering their lives. Common sense no?

The only time/place that I am anything but unashamed, unabashed and unequivically vocal in expressing my opinions is when it will directly impact my earning ability. Tough as it is for me, I do keep a lid on things while at work - other than that it’s a free-for-all and if you don’t like me/my opinions then you can burn in hell for all I care. I dislike the diplomacy and tact and “PC” bullshit that goes along with most “real world” conversations. No, I do not have a lot of friends. I am too “something” for 95% of people to be able to deal with. You can fill in the “something” with bitch, strong, arrogant, non-traditional, whatever…I’ve been called it all and it matters not one whit. The few friends I do have are either very, very much like I am or they are intelligent enough to understand that people can have differences of opinion without it necessitating a rift between them. The whole “Agree to disagree” deal.

 Karma, you're a sad sad man.

 Thank you for illustrating my point so precisely Karma. You're the kind of whine ass that goes around complaining about conspiracy theories, while our brothers in arms, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Army, are shedding their blood for your freedom. You're the kind of person that still wouldnt think twice about whining in front of a Marine, or soldier. 

  All you care about is staying in your comfort zone while someone else gives their lives and a leg for it.

  In short - you're a loser, and thanx for illustrating my point so well. Nothing like a good example to get my point across.


I’m Speachless (yes it’s rare…)

Oh, right…Stop, Drop and Roll, D.

“Speech and silence. We feel safer with a madman who talks than with one who cannot open his mouth”

~ Emile M. Cioran

Diesel23: Eh? Dude, you totally lost me there. Did you get me mixed up with someone else? Oh, and I’m a chick BTW. I’m curious to know what prompted your references to war and liberals and all that other fun stuff.