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Strong Neck = Less Chance of K.O.?


I've decided to get back into kickboxing after having a close call with my manager at work. I've read about punching power and speed here. Mostly,the threads I've read about here is all about the offense and none about defense. I was wondering;how important is it to strengthen your neck? Would it be much of a difference if I skipped it? Is there actually any proof that your neck helps prevent you from getting knocked out?


See sticky post 1: Knockout - Avoid It.

I did very little to strengthen my neck, but a whole lot on keeping my chin tucked tight and hands up. Proper stance will do far more than neck development.


Ah I see. Sorry about that,mod can delete this thread then but im interested in hearing the reason behind proper stance will do more to protect against knockout.


Not getting hit will stop you getting knocked out. Learn to avoid taking punches by moving your feet and body, or learning to block with your hands. That way, when you do get hit, you are less likely to get caught. At the end of the day, it's the punches you dont see coming that knock you out, and they tend to knock out everyone, even the guys with solid chins. Strengthening your neck can only do you good anyway, but your ability to take a punch is partly natural, partly to do with your conditioning, and often to do with how much drying out you've had to do to make weight.


If you want the proof of neck strengthening importance,just look at neck size of top boxers in relation to their body size.If if werent important ,they wouldnt waste their precious energy.

Any combat athlete should train his neck properly.Anybody suggesting otherwise is either stupid,dillusional or never experienced being hit,thrown,wrestled or clinched hard.


With all due respect to your expertise in this matter,I strongly disagree.

1.Sure,stance and protecting your chin with hands and keeping it in is crucial,but if you are fighting anybody good (why bother otherwise? ),you need any advantage you can get.
He is gonna bomb your head from all angles and you are gonna get hit.With strong neck,you ll ride /absorb those punches (accumulative effect of those ) much better.

2.strong neck improves movement of the head= the quick ,small jerking head movement while evading punches/kicks are primarily done via neck muscles

3.essential part of kickboxing/boxing is clinch=strong neck to push through to positon you where you need to be to hit /evade when your arms are tied up with your opponent is very nice advantage

4.sometimes your oponent will play dirty,trying to control your head with arms,strong neck will make that harder

5.lets not forget the intimidation factor of big neck or more importantly when your oponent realise after furious exchange of punches that you can have stronger chin


I dont know at which level you are gonna compete,but what I find kind of odd is your overall attitude.This I think is more important than whether you train or not your neck.

You asked whether or not to skip your neck strengthening.You cannot afford to skip anything if you are going to the war in the ring.In all combat sports you need to strengthen ALL BODY PARTS.
If you want to compete,you need to be prepared psychologicaly,technicaly/tacticaly, and athleticaly.They are killers out there in the ring,looking for any weakness.


from pencilneck...


...to looking like a man


Mike Tysons neck




A picture is worth a thousands words...Rocky Marciano 185. lb. 49-0 :wink:)


Jack Dempsey


this thread is incomplete without *****THE YOKE***** :wink:)


I'm surprised that no one mentioned the fact that he wants to train in kickboxing to possibly protect himself FROM HIS BOSS!

Dude, I'm all for training in martial arts. You should be doing it anyway because you never know what might happen in life, and you need to have the skill, will, strength, and speed to save your own life at a moments notice. BUT, the number one rule of self defense is to be smart and do everything you can to avoid bad situations. If you're worried your boss might attack you, you need to use your head first, and work you neck later. Talk to his boss, or move it up the chain if it's that serious. If your boss is someone you've known for a long time, go to him and say "wtf was that all about?"

and....train for the sake of training :slight_smile:


This type of bullying situation always arises when one person SEES himself a strong and their victim as weak.So,the only solution is reversing this situation.
When the boss gets physicaly aggressive,a pencil planted 2 inches deep into his neck would certainly make him reconsider his behaviour.


Im going to talk to the higher ups about it. There was one situation where he threaten me and I went to the higher management about it but he stepped aside and talk to me about it and wants to keep it between us if something like that happened again. Mostly,I miss training. Im 23 years old and Ive been out of highschool for alittle bit. Thoese years,I was on the wrestling team and did practice BJJ and Kickboxing at a Gracie startup across the street. Thanks for the advice guys. Ill go through the proper channels first but im still going to continue training.


Having a strong neck isn't going to intimidate anyone I know (seriously, Travolta could have a 36 in. neck and I wouldn't be scared), and while it can help you keep from getting knocked out I wouldn't spend time in the weight room doing neck training instead of in the ring learning to fight properly.

Neck strength can help a pro add to his defenses, but a beginner who isn't fighting on a serious level is going to get more out of learning to fight than he is spending time in the gym working his neck. Not getting hit at all, either by slipping the punch or knocking out the other guy, beats surviving punches to the face.


A beginner can learn to fight by fighting.a strong neck will reduce accumulating damage from all the punches he is receiveing.He can BEGIN to train his neck while he is also learning to fight.And he can manage to also do 8 hour of work,8 hour of sleep,sex,shopping,beer time and all the other shit humans do.
People are not some one-task robots.They CAN do stuff...different kind of stuff and live to see another day.
Strong neck wouldnt intimidate anyone you know,but it would certainly intimidate to some degree most people I know.