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Strong Nausea After a Few Minutes?


Hi T-Nation!!

I recently began training MMA, I fucking love it and been at it for about 2 months. I have one problem though: When it comes to intense sparring/fighting, i can usually barely go for about 1-2 minutes before i get really nauseous and have to take a break so i dont puke. The weird thing is i dont get THAT tired, at least im am still VERY far away from where i would usually expect to get nauseous from exhaustion.

I am 19 and have been bodybuilding for 3 years 3-4 times a week, i go surfing etc i know what its like to be out of breath and pushing myself to the limit but it is only recently and only while fighting that this happens. Could it be that its simply a question of not being fit enough? not breathing right? low blood sugar? I have no clue. Any help/advice what this could be is very much appreciated :slightly_smiling:


I've found that I've really had to up my carb intake for this type of stuff. Anaerobic systems primarily use glycogen, and not fat. So I came in in great aerobic shape, and used to doing explosive lifts, but didn't have the anaerobic conditioning or fuel for 5min rounds.


You'll get used to it.


Do you feel the same when you go long rounds on pads? Are you afraid of getting hit?


It has happened once before during training doing intense drills with no rest. I am definetly not afraid to get hit. this is nowhere near the kind of nausea i have had a few rare times in the past while in the gym. It is very sudden and strong maybe right as i start to breathe heavier after about a minute i usually notice im about to puke. Im thinking maybe it could have something to do with weightlifting for the past 3 years, but doing nothing close to as intense as fighting. maybe those muscles use up too much oxygen and my body hasnt adapted yet? If that was the problem i would expect to be gasping for air alot more than i actually do though, or does that not always happen?

so far ive tried not eating too soon before training, did not help at all. maybe i do need more carbs before, i doubt thats my problem but i will definetly give it a try.
Any new ideas are very welcome, thanks for your help so far!


I went from bodybuilding for 10 years right into a strict regime of high intensity Muay Thai workouts. My cardio was shit and i gassed hard for a while, but i never experienced what your feeling. It honestly almost sounds like you are having some sort of anxiety attack, but i doubt that is in fact the reason.

My best guess would be that u are getting sick due to the high levels of adrenaline coursing through your body. Its to no suprise that sparring is actually about as close you can get to actually fighting. Beyond hitting pads or the bag, you have strikes coming right back at you. This in turn elevates your adrenal levels beyond what you may be used to. This shock to your system may be whats causing these episodes. Your bodies reaction could be to vomit.

Like Irish said....you will get used to it.


had it in the very beginning of MMA, I blame it on the different cardio moments.
I mean this as in wrestling/BJJ cardio for me feels 100% different the boxing/muay thai cardio, switching between both of those is very exhausting especially in the beginning.

I think you'll get rid of it in a while, if not consult a doctor.


It means your not in the shape you think your in.

is it me or is the troll population high this week.


One more question. Are you taking any sort of stim. before you train?


One more question. Are you taking any sort of stim. before you train?


I'm not kidding- you don't have a background in the kind of conditioning that you need for fighting. It used to happen to me consistently when I first started training. Now I have to push myself balls to the wall for an extended time (like an hour) before I feel it.

Take your time and get used to it.


That would probably have been the last thing to cross my mind!! Not sure if it can be because i can remember a few times where i got nauseous from punching pads but I will try to test this theory by going crazy on a heavybag as long as i can go and see what happens.
Thanks for the help


its just you man, i dont see how this is trolling in any way.

Its prob just that, and my conditioning sucks much worse than expected. hopefully i will get over it soon because im pretty sure i would puke my lungs out before round 1 is over if i had a fight right now.

i havent been using any supplements other than whey.


we get allot of trolling posed as beginners-

my apologies.

your in good shape -for what you are used too- its cool.

now your trying something more taxing in a different way
in the beginning it takes a while to get the conditioning going.


are you breathing? try to learn to relax, most beginners have a problem staying loose and tighten up when they start off...experience and training tends to fix it


kmcnyc: haha ya some people really dont have much to do
slimjim: Alright i will pay attention to my that next time.
For now what kind of workout could i do to improve the kind of stamina needed for fighting, something that will make me puke and cry at the same time? (i did a tnation and a google search and couldnt find anything useful so if anyone could just point me in the right direction would be great)


It sounds like an adrenaline dump to me, I used to get so hyped up that my eyesight would tunnel out, my ears would ring, and my skin would tingle. Once you get used to going hard while staying calm, it gets better. I'm at the point now where sparring gets me no more worked up than hitting a heavy bag, just because I've done it so much.

If you want to work on your endurance, line up 2 or 3 sparring partners, get a trash can. Rotate fresh sparring partners every round for 6-9 rounds, tell them to come at you aggressively, take breaks to puke in trash can. It might not get you in any better shape than typical cardio work, but you'll get used to fighting while tired.


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