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Strong Men More Likely to Vote Conservative


Physically strong men are more likely to hold right wing political views because they believe society should be geared to personal struggle and self-preservation, an academic study claims.




Makes sense - but maybe they would vote more for "meritocracy" rather than "right wing" since those types tend to espouse that kind of view point - regardless of the policies they enact which contradict that same viewpoint.


Problem I have is the Republicans think because they are mean equates to Conservatism . The are just mean liberals :)Libertarians are true conservatives another bullshit point is Social conservatism equates to draconian regulations on normal behavior


Every democrat that captured the White House since JFK would have gone down to defeat had it not been for women.

They have more of a "take care of me" attitude which of course leads to the entitlement mentality. And if there is on thing the democrats are really good at is taking money from those who have earned it and giving to those who have not earned it. If you have a job and pay taxes there is no need to vote for a democrat.

Unless of course you are part of their base.

Democratic base:

1-Women (mostly younger)



4-African Americans

5-Those on the government dole such as welfare or some other government subsidy.

6-The left wing media.

7-University Profs and their minion.

Okay that was a bit of a tangent (and I may have left out a few groups) but I think it's important to understand what group is voting for what party (as a rule).


The public sector, interests/lobby groups, unions and entitlement addicts have created a permanent electoral majority for the Democrats.


There was a yahoo article a few days ago asserting the women would give Obama his second term.


I do think that women have to raise an eyebrow over the Republicans wanting to do away with birth control . That had to do some REAL harm to the Republican candidate


What the heck are you on about? The public debate is about new powers to force others, including religious organizations, to START covering birth control. Yikes, man.






If the article had said Strong men are more likely to vote Libertarian, I would have believed it. Although Libertarianism is Conservatism to its extreme, Conservatism means something entirely different today than when it was founded. I would say that Ron Paul was probably the only conservative Republican candidate.

If I were allowed to vote, I'd vote Libertarian.
If I were asked what I really wanted, Well that would be Pure Anarchy.


Must be skinny.


Not among the new feminist.


The conservative mind. Read it.


The conservative mind. Read it.


This is only April Trib. Six months is a lifetime in politics. It will swing back and forth a multitude of times before it's over. Anyone claiming that either man is a sure winner is either stupid, or a 20 year old political science student on T-Nation.


You're 22 why can't you vote? Criminal justice problems?

And by the way most libertarians are young males. NOT ALL OF THEM, but most. And we both know why.


Just curious , what does his age have to do with it ?


Indeed has I have said myself as well you know. Six months is an eternity. I was simply remarking along the lines of your comment about an article that agreed in principle. The female exit polling after the 92 election was pretty tough to take I have to say.


What did conservatism mean "when is was founded" and what does it mean today?