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Strong, Maybe Big, and Avatar of Virtue


I wonder, was (/is) there any very very strong man of great virtue? (the person need not be an athlete, he could've just as well been a lumberjack or blacksmith etc. Also, any great bodybuilder also qualifies)

Virtue as in, say, Charity, Kindness, Patience, Self-Control/Temperance, Humility (at least not being incredibly proud) and Chastity (as in "one wife" not partying with the ladies until dawn). Maybe not an avatar, but at least more than the average human.

Edit: must have been famous. There certainly were lumberjacks, blacksmiths and even a few knights.



The man you seek resides in the Realm of the Ethereal Chosen. Bring the Orb of Vathalos to Charon, boatkeeper of the River Styx, who will ask you three riddles and give you a single coin if your answers please him. This coin must be used to exploit the avarice of centaur/goblin chimera ("Duplicitor") who guards the Bridge of the Undefiled. The parchment which contains the directions to the man you seek is under the bridge (also a leg of mutton, which will restore your life-bar by 50%)

Hope this helps


Dumbest thread of all time?



And if I asked "strong guy and also very intelligent" it would've been stupid because there is no apparent contradiction between intelligence and strength -training-, on the contrary, being smart means you'll train smarter etc.


Adolf Hitler.


I read this over twice and just kept laughing harder the more I read. Good work


That was all great, but God help me if I didn't crease up at "leg of mutton under the bridge".


You, my friend, are gifted.


I'm a chimera and I resent being lumped in with goblins.


Yeah, this.

Good luck.




Knights were actually mercenary-like assholes, who terrorized and enslaved the peasants in exchange for payment from the local power monger.

It wasn't until a bit later when monks started threatening them with the supernatural powers of various relics that they straightened out. Except, they didn't really straighten out but went on to invade the holy lands and terrorize the Muslims.



I think I solved the puzzle!


Go to the PWI thread and post this shit here you heathen lover.


What kind of virtue? Cardinal virtue? Or the religious virtues?

Cardinal virtues:

Religious Virtues:
Love (or as it was first called Charity)

From your Charity comment, I suspect you are referring to a religious man...if that is the case, then I direct you to the book: Lives of the Saints in addition to looking at Jesus. St. Christopher was reported to be an abnormally large man of stature. Carrying people across a famous river during Jesus' time (and Jesus himself), he is the Protector of Travelers. The story goes that as St. Christopher carried "toddler" Jesus, Jesus became heavier and heavier on Christopher's shoulders. Christopher asked Jesus why? Jesus replied, because you're carrying the world on your shoulders.

There is also the Angel, St. Michael who is the commander in chief of God's Army.


But I think the OP was interested in people that actually existed, not imaginary people.


Don't forget to take your mithril armor with you.


Hulk Hogan