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Strong Man vs. Rowing Champ



looking for a parking space:


Mariusz for president! (of Poland)


He won on land, but I can't help but wonder if he'd sink the boat...


Both videos were quite glorious. The second one was staged/a publicity stunt, right? ...right? I can't imagine any jail holding a guy like that in.


His greater weight would certainly slow him down, although the other guy is fairly tall, I'm guessing they are within 100 pounds of one another.

But rowing is so much more than just power output on a rowing machine, we all knew pud couldn't be matched there.

Quite a bit of skill and technique goes into using the paddle or oar or whatever its called so that the stroke is efficient.


Also, keep in mind that the rower here is a lightweight rower. While Mariusz's 500 time is impressive, there are many college level heavyweight rowers who could beat that score.


That's brilliant, I've always wondered how someone that strong would do on an erg.

The world records a 1:14.4 so pretty close!

The other guy does only weigh 165lbs (75kg) so over a little longer distance things would be a lot closer.