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Strong Man/Olympic Lifters in LI

Hey all.

I’m from Long Island, New York and have been lifting on and off for the last 7 1/2 years (though definitely more “on” in the last 2).

Is there any one on here from LI or nearby that has any info on Strong Man training/competitions, or is experienced with Olympic lifting (coaches, competitors current or former)? I hope to better my Olympic lifts (especially my form), as well as to train with Strong Man competitions in mind for the future.

My knowledge of either is limited, as the only experience with OL is power cleaning for HS football, and what I know of Strong Man is what I’ve seen on TV and found online.

Any help is appreciated.

Current Lifts (all lifts w/o straps, wraps, belts, shirts or assistance):
Bench Press: 225 lbs x 4
Squat: 405 lbs x 2
Dead lift: 325 lbs x 5
Push Press: 175 lbs x 5
Power Clean: 225 lbs x 2
I haven’t 1RM’ed these lifts recently
H: 5’10" W: 205 lbs

Definitely a ways from where I want to be, but I press/pull on.