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Strong like Moose

I’m going to be attempting to keep a log here to keep myself honest and accept as much helpful feedback as possible. I’m one of those guys who has pretty poor programming but I do get results. I’ve been doing some reading on Thibadeau’s neuro typing and believe I am definitely type 1. Everything about it matches me. I don’t know the difference between 1A/B.

Anyhow, I’ve recently been on a maximum squat every day kick. I don’t actually “max” but I go to 90+%. I have a meet coming up on the 17th so I will probably stop the heavy squatting here in about a week but for now I’ve been crushing PRs every other day so I’m sticking with it. My bench is my weakest lift but I’m giving that some solid attention as well. Otherwise I’m lifting for clean gains, eating between maintenance and slight surplus every day, and have my nutrtition pretty well dialed in.

I’m 31 years old. 5’9, 190 sitting at about 11-12% BF.

Today’s work out was:

(Light stretching/box jumps)
135x8 x2
415x1 x3
225x5 focused eccentrics

Split squats, very slow:
135x10 each leg
155x10 each
185x10 each

Overhead Press:
135x10 x2
155x8 x2

Front Raises:
25x12 w. 15x12 superset x3

Lateral Raises:
25x12 w. 15x12 superset x3

Rear Lateral Raises:
25x12 w. 15x12 superset x3

Dumbbell shrugs:
75x10 w. 3 second pause x5

Front/Lateral Raise Burnout w. 10lb Dumbbells

Feel free to criticize my programming or rep schemes. I’ll keep posting my daily workouts and maybe hone my approach and improve my results. The long term goal is 205lbs at 9% BF but I’m not in a hurry. I also want to pull 600 (PR 545), squat 500 (PR 445) and get my puny bench over 315.


Welcome to T-Nation!

In for ur log

While on patrol last night I hopped back in the gym for ~25 minutes and hit a little chest.

45x10 3x single arm dumb bell rows to activate the lats.

135x10 pause rep, real slow then explosive
215x2 3x
185x5 3x

I was technically on duty so it was just a quick chest pump.

Today’s workout was abbreviated due to some elbow pain and me trying to listen to my body.

Warm up
Back squat
135x6 slow
225x6 slow
315x6 slow
425x2 x2
315x3 x3

Incline bench
135x10 slow then explosive
205x3 (elbow hurt a lot so I stopped)
135x12 slow, pause, explode x3

Reverse grip flat bench
115x10 x5