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Strong like bull.


What are professional athletes pushing these days weight wise. Does anyone know, on average, how much weight a 6'4" (or in that range) football, hockey, whatever player squats, benches, and deads? Im not looking for an exact number just an estimation.


Here's a place to start - results from the NFL combine.



thats some good shit, some of those gusy press 225 for 37 reps? what the fuck, makes me feel like such a pussy.


yea yea but they train to bench 225 a lot because thats what they have to do in the colmbine, i have worked with colmbine athletes and have seen a few who can bench 225 for 25-30+ reps yet can barely bench 315 so dont take those colmbine ##'s as pure strength but as the athletes have done a good job training there muscle endurance for the event. I mean I can only bench 225 22 times yet I am a 400+ pound bencher it is because I dont train to bench 225 for a lot of reps, these colmbine coaches train these athletes to bench 225 for reps and sometimes neglect explosive strength and absolute strength thats why i dont think it is a good test, buy the way in my opinion the strongest guy in the nfl is warren sapp...big martin


Larry Allen has put up over 700 on the bench


big martin, i agree that warren sapp is a strong SOB but he still needs to sharpen his skills as a mixed martial artist. i watched him fight a k-1 bout and he got knocked out in 45 sec.



I messed around with this about 6 months ago, pressing 225 for reps that is. In about four weeks I went from 15 reps to 26 reps. It's not hard to do if you train for it.....


Players going into the NFL tend to train more for the tests, then football now.


RenegadeDragon, wouldn't you?

I mean, it's like saying that people in school study more for tests than to master their subject. Of course they do! They're going to be tested on the test, not on their mastery of the subject.

Why work on something that won't affect your level in the draft? Why work on something that won't have an effect on your grade?

Dan "On a quest to master YOUR subject." McVicker


Dan, thats right, Adam Archuleta trained for the combine and produced great numbers with his explosive training. His football skills are still impressive but maybe not quite as high as his combine results.