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Strong Lifts 5x5


Strong lifts is something ive known bout for a while but been way more interested in the typical split routines or the magazine workouts were so familiar with. well, i guess you could say ive matured. so ima give this a shot for 12 weeks like the sight says and keep track of my progress on here as well as on paper. bear in mind i aint no newby to the compound lifts. when i played rugby i was squating upwards of 235 and pulling 250 so my legs arent exactly toothpicks. i kinda have the opposite of most guys. lower body is way bigger then upper. bench has never gone past 135 and press has never been in triple digits. so heres hoping this increases my numbers across the board.

goal:add weight and gain raw strength
stats: age/18 weight/160 squat/235x5 dead/250x1 bench/135x5 ohp/90x5

today was first day so i started out with empty bar for squats and bench and did 65 for rows. felt like a queer lifting that light but good things come to those who wait. got to perfect my technique so that was good. guess thats the point.

squat: 5x5 45 then one set of 5 for 135 just cuz

bench: 5x5 45

pendlay row: 5x5 65

4 sets of pullups to failure
2 sets of dips to failure
2 sets of leg raisess to failure.


Just keep your form pretty good, and the gains will come man, don't sweat it.

So have you elisted already? When do you leave for bootcamp?


haha well long story short, no i havent got a date yet. i was homeschooled through highschool so ive had to jump through lots of hoops. almost had the papers singed and dotted when they told me i needed 15 college credits now. so im getting that squared away til then im just gonna stay motivated and get stronger and better.


Right on man. Stay motivated, work on your running and pullups, and hit the weights. You'll have your feet on the yellow footprints before you know it. What MOS are you looking to get?

Semper Fi


infantry of course. only thing i could imagine wanting to do. 0311 man. were you in?


I was, 6322 MOS, Avionics on the CH-46E, from 1999-2004.


thats badass man. ive talked to alot of the avionics guys from the recruiting station. what was being a Marine like?


2nd workout of the week. i swear, this program builds more patience then muscle.

5x5 squat 55 pounds
5x5 deadlift 95 pounds
5x5 press 45 pounds.

also just bought a dip belt so that was fun. did 5 sets of dips to failur with 25 pounds. got 5 or 7 each set. and did pullups with a lil extra weight. felt good but i cant wait to really start hitting serious weight.


In short, it was pretty awesome. Being in the airwing was like working a fulltime job. Wake up, go to the flightline, fix shit all day, go back to the barracks, relax/party/whatever, do it all again the next day.

Deployments were fun for the most part too, and all of the stupid shit that you hate when you're in, is forgotten about when you get out. Even now, I'll laugh at the things I thought sucked so bad back then.


i got a ton to look forward to i bet haha worth it all in the end?


todays lifts for today, were light as usual. jeez this takes a while.

squat 5x5 65 pounds
row 5x5 70 pounds
bench 5x5 50 pounds

also did some dips with 25 pounds extra, 5 sets to failure. threw in some TRX work and pushups and burpees and scissor kicks for good measure. one week down, 11 to go.


found my dream gym. 3 friken gorgeous power racks right smack dab in the middle. im in heaven. gonna hit my 4th 5x5 workout today there.


Of course it's all worth it. All the crap I went through is far outweighed by all the friends I made, fun I had, skills I learned, etc. Good luck.

New gym sounds awesome, having 3 racks. Abuse them!


its a nice rack. beautiful some would say.

heres the numbers.

squat 75 pounds 5x5
press 50 pounds 5x5
deadlift 100 pounds 1x5

dips, 35 pounds 3xfailure
pullups, 10 pounds to failure, then rep emm out bodyweight to failure.

good workout and i dig the new gym. plenty of space, 4 power racks, squat rack, even a friken decline bench. best part, no body to bug ya or steal equipment. heaven on earth.


workout for yesterday

squats 5x5 85 pounds
bench 5x5 55 pounds
row 5x5 75 pounds

dips 35 pounds extra to failure 3 sets

pullups to failure 3 sets.


squat 5x5 95 pounds
press 5x5 55 pounds
dead 5x5 115 pounds

also did 5 sets of pullups, 3 reps
decline bench just for the hell of it 3 sets 10-12
leg raises 3 sets to 8-10


well, got back from vacation. missed two training days so that sucked. othere then that, good time.
my girl left me, so i got fed up with the light weight and went heavier then i was supposed to

squat 3x8 185
deadlift 2x5 185
press 2x5 65 pounds

i dunno man, just did a bunch of everything. was pissed off and wanted to forget bout her i guess.

this sucks ass.