Strong Lifts 5x5 Advanced Questions

Can anyone offer some thought about Strong Lifts 5x5 Advanced - 3 days a week total body? I’m thinking about starting it.
Has anyone tried it?

It probably works but i would hate doing 3 powerlifts each workout. I rather train more often and split the powerlifts up.

I gave the intermediate program to a friend of mine who was training, but had absolutely no direction and was stuck in the 3x10 bench groove and never trained legs. He really likes it and said everything is consistantly going up little by little every week.

SL 5x5 is a good program for beginners, but once you get to a certain point the weight gets to be too much for one training session. I started to fall off when I had to do squats at 355, then OHP at 165, then DL at 425 at 180 lbs BW. At that point I switched to 5-3-1 and had a very good year.