Strong Hamstrings?

Hi everybody,

I had pretty sedentary lifestyle all my life, but i was also very athletic.
My energy throughout the day is very low, everything changes when i’m strengthening hamstrings - my energy increases and is very high(i think as it should be all the time) for even few hours, i even see better, i hear better and have much more energy. This energy lasts usually 2-4 hours and it’s going away. It doesn’t happen with any other muscle.

My hamstrings are pretty strong comparing it to quads and they have almost optimal length. What can make such a difference?
I’m relaxing some other muscles while hams are “contracted”, working? Quads, lower back? Because hams seem strongs and flexible i have no idea with what i can work with.

I have lordotic kyphotic posture and fhp. I fixed lordosis almost 100% and there is some kyphosis and fhp left, but not very severe.


Sorry, by mistake i posted this here instead “Injury and rehab”.

You can see and hear better from strengthening your hamstrings?

No, it’s making some difference in my posture. My belly is not protruding after strengthening hamstrings.
I was testing hams and quads yesterday:

HAMSTRINGS - 100lbs 4X10reps
QUADS - 115lbs 4X10reps

Is it still possible that hamstrings can make some postural imbalance(lordosis?)
if they’re just little bit weaker than quads? Usually people have ratio 2:1
quadriceps curls vs hamstring curls.

I believe I see the problem.
You cannot CURL your quadriceps !