Strong, Fast & Healthy Kids

My boys came to me before their summer break and asked if I could help them get stronger and faster over the break. I told them if they were serious about it (they are!) then we would get to work over the summer.

So here we are… I thought it would be a good idea to keep a training log here and post some pictures so other people can follow along, ask questions, get ideas and have fun!

They are 9 and 10 years old and they are interested in trying all sports. They love basketball, baseball, motocross, mountain biking, paddle boarding, bmx, scooters, skateboards, soccer, track and field… you name it, they love it! The goal is to continue building a nice athletic base that will transfer over into their athletics and have fun while they’re doing it.

We started with some fitness testing to get a baseline on where they’re at and we plan to test them every 4 weeks to monitor progress.

The original plan was to train 3-4 days a week to make sure they have enough recovery time. They do a lot of other activities outside of the gym so the scheduling really depends on how they are feeling and what other activities we are doing.

Time in the gym is usually 30-40min.

June 30th Fitness Assessment
(Next test is August 1st)

Body weight
L: 67.4lbs
S: 65.8lbs

Push Ups (max effort in 1min)
L: 23
S: 25

Pull Ups (max)
L: 6
S: 3

Sit Ups (max effort in 1 min)
L: 27
S: 35

Dips (max)
L: 4 (with lighted band)
S: 6

Plank (max)
L: 2:04
S: 2:03

Vertical Jump
L: 14.5”
S: 12”

Broad Jump
L: 64”
S: 64”


July 1 2022

Practice Farmers Walks (learning basic technique for picking up/putting down 25lb handles)

Tire Flips (60lbs) 3 sets x 10 reps
*2 foot jump through the tire each rep

Tire Deadlift 3 sets x 5 reps

Practice Squat Technique

Battle Ropes 30 seconds


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I’ve always been interested in training young kids. I have younger brothers and cousins and have introduced a lot of them to the gym. I usually always ended up focusing on body weight moves since I figured it’s tough (not impossible but less likely) to get hurt doing those and it just made sense to me for them to learn to do a few pushups before worrying about, for example, bench pressing.

What’s your philosophy regarding your boys? What methods do you like to use with kids?


July 5 2022

Jumping Lunges 4 x 20
Banded Dips
Curtsy Lunges (with 4lb medicine ball)
Shoulder press (10lb bar)
Body weight squats (working on technique)
Push ups

July 6 2022

Step ups (12” box)
Pull ups
Bodyweight—L:6 S: 4
Purple band—L:15 S:11
Walking lunges
TRX recline pull ups
Sit ups


July 8 2022

Agility Ladder (10 min of various footwork)
Broad Jump — 3 sets 50m
3kg medicine ball squat 3 sets x 8 reps
Burpees 3 sets x 10 reps
Barbell Bicep Curl (10lb bar)
L: 3 sets x 15/20/20 (used 15lbs for last set)
S: 3 sets x 15/20/10


July 10 2022

Tire Flips (60lb tire) 3 sets x 10 reps
*2 foot jump through tire every rep

Farmers Walks (25lbs each side)
3 x 50m

Battle Ropes 3 x 30 seconds

Timed Deadhangs
L: 49s
S: 45s

3 x 1min


I agree with you… body weight exercises are key! I try and focus on any kind of functional movement because it really helps with their coordination as they grow.

Squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, dips, sit ups, any kind of jumping and movement that will help with their core stability.

They love the idea of weights but they already realize they don’t NEED weight to get a good workout. Sometimes I throw in a weighted isolation exercise at the end of the workout just for fun… they did bicep curls with a small barbell 2 days ago just because!


If you have a spot to do it, I would consider getting a rope for them to climb up.
Would also strongly recommend gymnast rings for hanging bodyweight stuff (good for overall upper body strength and mobility).

Props for keeping your kids healthy and fit!


I love ropes and rings! I was just talking to my husband about getting some rings the other day so it’s funny that you mentioned that.

Unfortunately I don’t have a great place for a rope right now :unamused:


Speaking of ropes! These are always a good time.

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Just following because this thread is great - my kids are 4 and 2, but I love this info.


I hang a rope from the top rear of the power rack and place a barbell on the j hooks about 50cm from the ground (have the loose end of the rope be in front of the barbell) . I have my son stand on the barbell holding the rope and then lean back, he then walks his hands down the rope until he is almost parallel with the ground and then walks his hands back up again.


July 12 2022

Warm up: 1km walk to park

Duck Walks x 2
Bear Crawls x 2
Crab Walks x 2

Multi Directional Sprints (cones set up in a square, 10ft apart
Cone 1-2 Right Side Shuffle
Cone 2-3 Sprint
Cone 3-4 Left Side Shuffle
Cone 4-1 Backpedal

100m Sprint X 2

High Knee Skipping
Broad Jumps

Post workout: Banana and protein shake

Now they are already back outside building jumps for their bikes!


I absolutely love this @Bronwen_Blunt! Thanks for sharing.

My 9yo daughter is my athlete and mostly gets mad at me because I limit what I let her do (no, dear, you can’t load a barbell and get under it).

My 11yo boy is more easily intimidated but has just recently started venturing to the weight room with me; I focus on just trying to keep it fun and not scary for him.


Imagine the genetics those two kids have! Awesome that they’re interested in taking advantage of it already.


I think keeping it fun is so important. I try to keep it exciting by switching it up everyday so they never know what to expect!

The oldest is going through a growth spurt and has some very long limbs so working on coordination is huge… he hated the bear crawls today but started to catch onto the movement after a few moments of frustration.

Hahah I hear you… my 9 year old likes the idea of weights too! They see what I do in the gym and want to do the same things. However, they have been inspiring me to go back to some of the basic things that I haven’t done for years!

Watching me do a bear crawl and skipping today was probably embarrassing… they actually laughed when I showed them the high knee skipping that I wanted them to do :joy::joy::joy:


If it’s not that, it’s something else: mine love to tell me all the ways I’m embarrassing.

It’s fun to read this as an actual log. Physical culture isn’t as inherent a part of growing up now, so I really do like this.


This is sad but true! A lot of kids get so involved with their technology and forget about the outside world. They always tell me to stay off my phone and I like that because adults get carried away with technology too.

I think the early training is very beneficial for their future success in sports as teenagers and adults. That’s why I thought this log would be cool and I’m hoping some other parents will chime in and share what their kids are doing too (hint, hint :wink::wink:)

It’s going to be interesting to see the next generation of athletes!


Wow! Really glad I saw this!

I have a 9 year old boy. He has grown up around weights and does work out with me some, but more recently has gotten into roblox and youtube.

He loves lifting “heavy” like deadlifts but will also jump on the airdyne and crank out some miles watching youtube.

Unfortunately over the past couple of years he has gotten a little chunky (maybe more than a little) and truth be told, I have a hard time telling him No or coming down on him.

So, I’m interested in what ever may come of this, and greatful for your contribution.


I like to think of this as a report card. Because if we aren’t going to embarrass our kids, why are we even here? And why do i own all those matching socks and sandles sets?

And i also love this.