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Strong(er) Workout by Dave Tate



Anyone care to review . . .


Looks solid




hard to review...considering you can't see any kind of workouts. But it is from EFS..


I'd be interested what anyone has to say on this, sounds like it could be pretty fun.



It's from Dave Tate. You can hardly go wrong if you're looking to get stronger.


Of course it's probably going to be good, but someone giving a rundown of how it affected them would be nice.


Haven't had time to review it in depth, but I was surprised by how super low volume it is on paper.


Dave Tate is not the kind of guy to write bullshit programs and sell them.

What do you want someone to say? They got stronger?

What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa.

Why don't you be the one who tries it see how it works for you?