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Strong Enough to Correct Them


It's time to start a new log. It's been a while since I've posted regularly on here (back in'08) but it's time to get regular again (and I don't mean All Bran regular).

I competed in BB back in late '08 (didn't do overly well) and learned a valuable lesson from that experience; not only do you need to do a heckuva lot of pre-show prep, you better have a post-show plan as well. I didn't and I burnt out from training. Lost all desire to get in the gym and lift, etc without a goal. My career was taking off, got engaged, married, bought a house and all of a sudden training wasn't a top priority.

Fast forward to 2011 and I wasn't feeling great about my physique, energy levels, etc and I'm back in the gym doing the things I used to do.

I'm currently using 531 with a focus on physique transformation. What that means to me is that I perform the 531 exercise and then follow it up with a typical body part split. I.e. MP = Shoulder day, BP = Chest, DL = Back, Squat = Legs. I throw in an "Arm" day every now and then.

Diet wise, I'm carb-cycling and just recently had my lone HI day cut which means I now have a mix of MED and LO days with plenty of cardio (35 min/day). Since starting 4 weeks ago I have dropped 3.5lbs but many, many inches (5+ from my waist alone) which I am thrilled about actually. I'm calling all this "RE-ginners GAINS".

Here are my PR's right now:
MP - 130 x 8
DL - 350 x 8
BP - 210 x 8
SQ - 275 x 6**

**I've switched to box squats last week as my squat form was atrocious and my PR's in squats have all followed a heavy box squat cycle. I've box-squatted 445 and squatted 395 so I'm hopeful I can get back to those numbers.


Sunday - Squats and Leg Day

This is the end of my 3rd wave of 531 so it's a deload week.

Since my squat form was sucking, I have a focus on improving my form and getting those numbers to jump significantly. When I've done 531 in the past, I completely remove the main movement from the deload week. For me it's as much mental as it is physical and gives me a week where I can do/try something different as a main movement. In today's case, I stuck with Box Squats but jimmy-rigged some "bands" to perform box squats with Bands.

  1. Hamstring Curls
    3 warm up sets of 10

4 x 10 @ 90/100/110/110

  1. Box Squats
    Worked my way up to 3 sets of 5 reps @ 225 w/ bands.

I essentially used 2 'Smart Toner Super Heavy Bands' and hooked the handle to the bar then looped it twice to the Squat rack and back over the bar and then put the weight plates on the bar. I'll take a pic next week (or I'll just order some real bands from EliteFTS).

  1. Leg Press
    Worked up to 5pl+25lb per side for 10.

Then performed a workaround from a John Meadows article (http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/build_brutal_leg_thickness_6_ways_to_use_the_leg_press).

15 reps w/ 3 sec negative @ 5pl+25lb per side

15 reps w/ 3 sec negative @ 5pl+25lb per side
Drop Set to 10 reps w/ 3 se negative @ 4pl+25lb per side
Drop set to 25 reps (lower & closer foot position) with 2pl+25lb per side
LONG rest

  1. Machine Dead Stop Leg Press
    20 continuous reps @ 280
    15cont + 5 dead stop @ 280
    10 cont + 10 dead stop @ 280
    5 cont + 15 dead stop @ 280
    5 cont + 15 dead stop @ 280

That "complex" is insane and my legs are pretty much dead afterwards.

Did a bunch of calf work after on both the Leg Press and Standing Calf press machine.

I must say doing legs on 80g of carbs after having already performed 35 min of MI fasted cardio in the morning SUCKS! Usually Leg day (Sunday) has been HI carb day so I've not done ANY cardio and I've had anywhere from 110 to 160g of carbs before training.




Thanks bulldog


Welcome back ddot76! I remember you from way back when...


Thanks soldog! I'm just remembering myself from way back when too. :slightly_smiling:


Welcome back, good luck with hitting up the weights again!


WB ddot.

that is allot of volume



Is that you in your avatar?


Thanks. I find a lot of volume makes my legs grow. But you do need to rest when they tell you to.


Thanks Farmer.

And yes, that was me back in October '08. It'll be a long journey back there.


Monday - MP + Shoulders

Standing MP (my weakest of the 4)
5 x 95
5 x 105
10 x 120

**always better to err on the light side with 531, right?

Standing DB Laterals - Rest-Pause style
Warm up set 20lb DB x 10

Working set w/ 25lb DB's
9/9/8/9/11/8 - 54 reps in about 3:45

Machine Reverse Flyes
30/25/20 reps. Superset with band reverse flyes

**I've read a bunch of articles where high reps are recommended for rear delts. I've been 20+ reps above per set for a few weeks and am a true believer.

Standing Abs
4 sets

35 min MI Cardio to finish (Incline Treadmill).
**Supposed to do this fasted in the AM but had a late night and an early morning with work so took option #2 (Post Workout).

8hrs till I get up to do HIIT. Yay! (sense the sarcasm)


Welcome, ddot. Your numbers are as good as anyone elses on this forum. Impressive physique back then.


x2 on the high reps for real delts, I generally SS with lat delt work with the lateral raises higher in weight and the rear delt raised lower weight and reps and it really does make a difference. 30x20 is a killer for me



Well thank goodness, I'm no longer the only bodybuilder here. Welcome. Let us talk of carb deprival, and hair removal!


and banana hammocks :slight_smile:


Solid work and good luck getting back to your prior physique. Are your goals primarily physique related?



Umm, Kent, you are aware of Old Navy's log? And he just competed this weekend? And I drove up and met him? And he's trying to convince me to start shopping for posing trunks?

You two have a lot in common, your lifts are very similiar.



Carb deprival sucks! I'm currently living that right now.

I've read your log, I think you should just do it. I've done it once so I'm clearly no expert but it certainly gave me way more insight into what worked for me, what didn't, what I like about lifting/BB and what I don't like. At worst you come out with a ton more knowledge about yourself.

The hair removal, etc is all tertiary and should not be of grave concern. It's the damn paint you wear that makes life horrible. :slight_smile:



Right now my goal is physique related but given that I'm just getting consistent again (over the last 2 months) I can accomplish a little strength regain at the same time. 531 works nicely for that.