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Strong Deadlift/Weak Squat


Mark bell goes into detail on this topic


heres a clip from yesterday. I wanted to go for 6 good clean reps (3 was all I needed) BUT I was distracted by the group of dudes camping the squat rack and breathing down my neck.

thanks for watching, any feedback will be most appreciated.


Just a few things:

  • it looks like you initiate your squat by sticking your butt back and knees forward. Instead, try simultaneously pushing your knees out hard, pushing your feet out like you’re spreading the floor and dropping your butt down. Push your head backwards into the bar and pull your elbows into your sides.

  • come back up by continuing to push your feet and knees out. Keep pulling your elbows into your sides.

  • before you descend squeeze your glutes hard and keep squeezing throughout.

Your width is OK, but IMO there’s room to move further out if you need.