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Strong/Buff Women in Movies?


Just signed up for a netflix account (yes, I must be the last person in the US to do so). Filling in my queue, I thought it would be inspirational to include some movies that showcase strong or obviously fit women. Unfortunately, since I haven't watched many movies for the last few years, I don't know which movies to select - although I seem to recall hearing that Angelina Jolie was rather impressive looking in TombRaider.

Any other suggestions?



Well, this one is going to sound like a big 'ole "duh", but Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2.


Also, damned near ANYTHING with Milla Jovovitch, especially the 5th Element.


Hillary Swank in Million Dollar Baby for sure


GI Jane maybe? I've actually never seen it but I heard Demi looked buff in it.

Million Dollar Baby for sure.


Hmm, Red Sonja, I think Nielson was in shape

The Cell had that one bodybuilding chick in it, briefly.

Aliens 3, was Sigourny Weaver buff in that? It's been a while.


How old are you that Sigourney Weaver didn't pop into your mind first? Every other lead female character in an action movie is taking off from what she started.


She was better in Resident Evil. She sucked in Ultraviolet.


Quoted for Truth


Bit off the subject, but I hate that movie.


Good picks so far. I'd have to put GI Jane at #1 though just because of that fight scene with Demi and Viggo.


True. In the original.


Yeah. Out of anyone named, she looked the most muscular by far. But far from her best in my opinion. Swank was quite muscular as well but looked good. Kristanna Loken was really not muscular in Terminator 3 but looked extremely fit and had a ridiculous body in my opinion.


Yeah, something that should have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!


Yes, but you just reminded me of one of my favorites - Vasquez (don't know the actresses name) in Aliens. Remember where she is cranking out chins and a male Marine askes if anyone ever mistakes her for a man? Her reply, "No, how about you?"



Jennifer Biel was hot and in great shape in Blade 3. Not that the movie is even close to watchable, but that doesn't take away from her hotness.

Honestly I've never seen Aliens 3, none of the ones past Aliens were worth watching. She isn't buff in Alien or Aliens though.


It makes me wonder what went on in her mind when she signed up for that role. I saw at least 10 people walk out of that movie before the end. And to think, I used to think Elektra was a weak attempt. That movie is a masterpiece compared to Ultraviolet.


Blade Runner...Joanna Cassidy and Darryl Hannah beat the crap out of Harrison Ford and look great.

Linda Hamilton in T2 pulling back the bolt of a machine gun with incredible definition in her arms and shoulders is my computer wall paper...daily inspiration.


Shit...I almost forgot...what about the Kill Bills?


She deserves a mention. Some people may not like it, but I bet people will remember that movie in 20 years.