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Strong Bad!

Has anyone heard of Strong Bad?

Copy this link and check it out. (Watch for “method 2”.

You’ll like!




Strongbad is the best! I was wondering if anyone else was a homestarunner fan?

Japanese Cartoon is the best.

“Is it for good, or for awesome?”

For anyone who doesn’t know what we’re talking about, check out the site, and features, then Strongbad email.

I love Strong Bad. A buddy showed me the sit a few weeks ago and I’ve been going around talking like him since,(drives my wife nuts. Yeah, “For good or for awesome?” That’s the stuff. Dragon is my Fave. Trogdor!!!



look around the homestarrunner website for the cartoons about “teen girl squad”. they’re hilarious

the ‘trogdog the dragon’ game is good to if you want to do some burninating

Yeah strong bad rocks! I just purchased a The Cheat hoodie recently :slight_smile:

“trogdor was a maaaaan…uhhh…a dragonman…”

you guys should check out foamy the squirrel at www.illwillpress.com

He’s a funny funny guy, 5 more minutes and foamy’s rant are really really good.

Trogdor the burninator!!!
and the one where he is an anime character or where he gets new hands are the funniest shit.

“…a bullhorn??! What was I thinking!!! Like having a bucket for a hand is going to get me any chicks…”

Strong Bad rules…in fact I’m going to go check out his shit right now.

this girl i work with has a trogdor shirt.