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Strong Back Imbalance

I have a question regarding some strength imbalances that I never hear much about. I have two oddities about my back and physique. Here goes, I hope someone can help. My lower back is very strong as is the rest of my posterior chain. It tends to look somewhat overdeveloped and bulge, especially when I bend forward.

I assume this is related to the back spasms that I sometimes experience in the lower back, that can limit my training. Can anyone help with this, or does it even sound like an issue?

Second is a little less bothersome as I am trying to work on it and it doesn’t give me as much of a problem. I have shoulderblades that protrude somewhat. Other people have called it winged scapula. My rows chins and other pulling movements are strong, but I want to improve this condition.

Thank you for any and all help anyone can give me.

Have you ever injured your spine?

Nope. I have never been subject to any real injury other than two broken fingers.

Touch wood…

Considering you have winging of your scapular’s, there’s a good chance you’ve got some mild kyphosis going on which may be giving the ‘appearance’ of over developed erectors.

Do some research on lordosis, kyphosis, Eric Cressey’s shoulder saver articles, Ian King’s workouts for muscular balance, etc

But the best bet is to get a in person assessment from a trainer/specialist with musculoskeletal assessment experience. You can’t get adequate information on this sort of thing over the net…

Good luck

For the winged scapulae, I think you should incorporate face pulls from different levels, prone trap raises, prone shrugs and scap push ups into your routine.

Maybe your lumbar erectors have spasms because they are compensating for weak glutes and hamstrings in hip extension exercises. If that is the case, you might want to focus more on single leg exercises and hip belt squats for a while.

I see a chiropractor on occasion and am not suffering any unnatural kyphosis. Spine is actually quite healthy and that is why I get very little chiropractic work done.

A winging of the scapula occurs due to a weakness in the serratus anterior. It is an upward rotator of the scapula, do you do any overhead work? If not, get to it.

Also good advance to strengthen your middle traps and rhomboids.

For winged scapula you need to stretch your chest and shoulders and start doing any type of rowing motion (unilateral) because two armed exercises will just lock you up. I’m extremely inflexible everywhere including chest and have had this problem. I’d make sure you have more rowing exercises than pushing. I’d even go so far as to lay off benching for a while, or just don’t do it as often. Overhead work could help like one of the posters said, but once again I’d do that with one arm at a time while standing.

As for the lower back spasms… I would get that checked out. That could be a number of things. Good luck and hope your back gets better.

I think I’m gonna break down and get a foam roller. I just tried rolling my lower back over a football and it felt better almost immediately. Going to the chiro friday, though. I haven’t felt right since I spent 4 hours on the plane back from San Diego to KC. Thanks to all for the input.