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Strong Back Development, Weak Front


My back looks fkin amazing and my front looks like i barely lift. Genetics obv play a role but fk theres a big difference

Its not like i even train back more than chest or delts either,im just strong af on back. Any idea on how to bring up the front more,mostly some kind of ilusion i could create by bringing up certain bodyparts maybe.Uploading…


You and I have a different understanding of the word amazing.


In comparison to my front


You look about how I would expect. I feel you may have unrealistic expectations of how you should look.

You’re 18 years old. You are very junior to lifting. It takes time under the bar to build an impressive physique. The way you can bring up the front is with time.


I guess


Basically this.

Here’s me as a 19-year-old LCpl. Pretty average physique for an active (young) adult.


I dont know if you meant me on the second paragraph but i dont want to look like avarage. But at least i dont look worse than you guys expected lol.


I was using myself as an example of what @T3hPwnisher is referring to. At a young age your body is just not as physically mature as it will be in the future.

No one wants to look average.


I agree, your back is much more developed than your front. I also notice that your name is skinnydeadliftgod, not skinnybenchpressgod. It’s not uncommon for people to gravitate towards the exercises at which they are more successful, but this predilection quickly leads to a vicious circle–better bodyparts keep getting better, while others lag further and further behind.

If your goals are physique-related, stop all back work (this includes DLs, BTW) for 6 months while you bring everything else (= arms, shoulders and chest, in that order) up to snuff.


Thats good advice,i will lower the amount of back work,but i wont quit deadlifting tho,strengh is my primary objective first and foremost,aesthetics come second. Im also adding a bodybuilding day to my program with only front upper body exercises. I appreciate the answer tho,i understand that from a bodybuilding perspective that would be the best way to go about it


You really don’t need to do anything drastic. If gaining muscle is your primary goal then a basic bodybuilding split would be your best bet. You may have a decent back but really it just looks like you deadlift a lot. Some upper back work for the rear delts and other heavy pulling movements that involve the biceps would be beneficial. Having too big of a back is a problem most would love to have.

Although you say strength is your main objective, if you are this concerned about appearance I think aesthetics are likely equally important to you…


Being leaner will give the appearance of being bigger too, having a visible v taper, chest separation and abs makes your chest proportions seem bigger, aka the illusion, provided they’re built up enough underneath if that makes sense?


Whoever said that it takes time is correct. I’m only 20, but I look very different than I did when I was 18. You will too. Just keep grinding man


Worrying about having too big a back is like worrying about having too much money.

You keep talking about how strength is your focus… so get stronger and your body will respond however it does. Unless you have some desire to do a beauty pageant then I don’t get what you’re concerned about?


Have you considered running through a program like Greyskull for a while to bring up your pushing hardware?

It’d leave you room to plug in your own preferred accessory/assistance work, but the base program features 15 work sets of squat/bench/OHP per week, and one work set of deadlifts.

It’s typically run with heavy emphasis on pulling for your supplementals, but without that, it’d go a long way toward balancing you out in a hurry.


Out of curiosity, other than the very strong deadlift, what are your stats in the other powerlifts?

It seems to me that people who focus on strength and don’t get the aesthetic results they expected at first are not doing enough assistance work, or not pushing it enough or something like that, probably due to the fact they feel it’s “bodybuilding work”.
Other than the fact that you’re very young, you might want to push the volume and assistance a bit for your “beach muscles” if you want them to grow. Don’t be afraid to bench like a bodybuilder, or work your chest with dumbbells/machines, or doing lateral raises or curls or other isolation movements. You can probably stack some “bodybuilding” work on top of your usual strength work without killing yourself.


405 squat with wraps and 263lbs pause bench. I do do some bodybuilding but maybe i really havw been shying away from it.