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Strong and Shapely Gym in NJ?


Anybody lift there? I joined not too long ago and I'm seeking some training partner/s.


what town?? i train at defranco's and from what ive heard its not too far away.


It's in East Rutherford. I had no clue anyone could train at Defrancos...I thought it was a private facility?


I thought the same about defranco's. I live in Jersey too and was thinking of checking out Carini's House of Iron in Pinebrook. Tiki Barber used to train there along with some other NFL players.


My training partner has gone there for years so he lets us come there for a monthly fee.


Try a good gym you will need not to have a partner for your workout. Good gym itself helps out in your workout and you can get good partner in the gym only. The persons become friendly.



anyway, i wish there was good gyms in central jersey