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Strong and Conditioned (ChongLordUno)

Thank you @dagill2 my man. Appreciate it

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Hey mate just saw your latest update on how you are feeling after the 2500 marathon. I used to feel like this after any long race when I was running and usually took the week off after an event and just did some light walking to keep everything moving. I usually found I had a huge mental fatigue after and found myself struggling to even think about training. Remember that it is OK to have a break, let the body heal up, get on top of your recovery strategies. Take some walks with the family, get in the spa, get a massage (get a few), ice everything that hurts. My training post an event would also be different, no targets, no pace, just have some fun and get in a little but of work for a couple of weeks. Usually by week 3 or 4 I was starting to think about the next challenge or the next race and working our a training plan. Look after yourself and keep updating on your channel so we know whats going on.


So I managed to acquire a pic of me after the first lockdown


They work


Unreal, my man! Can’t wait to see where you take it from here.

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That is an awesome transformation.

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All jokes aside that’s an amazing transformation bro


Great Job Lee. It’s amazing what really hard work, dedication, commitment and consistency will do. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t doing this :joy::joy::joy:

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Save some gains for the rest of us man.


Thanks everyone. Appreciate the kind words



I hope you don’t mind a personal question? If so, just give a neutral answer (or refer to a previous post if you’ve already answered this).

I am obviously struggling with these questions myself (two kids age 3 and 6 + demanding daytime work with lots of overtime + “happy wife happy life”) and who not better to ask than you, a serious athlete with family. Others my chime in on this with due respect to the log.

I was wondering your reasoning re working out (at your level) combined with family duties and work? This also considering you put serious efforts into making nice videos (is this your current job?).

Is there strict planning going on, or do you take any opportunity/chance that appears working out? Any good strategies to share in life’s puzzle? When do you find time to reflect upon training?

Keep up the great work!

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Good question @pettersson mate

Most of my workouts are done whenever I find the time. I can crank one out in the morning when I put my kids in their room and put the stair gate on so I can keep an eye on them. There’s no set plan. Just make do. The battlefield is chaotic

I then crank out chins and the odd burpees at work when I get some downtime

The other time is at night when the kids are in bed. This will usually be a burpee blast with kettlebells thrown in now and again.

This will be my regime for the mean time until the kids are a little older and they’re both at nursery/school. I never chose this training style. It chose me.

I don’t put any technical effort into my videos other than creating a thumbnail. I literally prop my iPhone up and get to work. Raw and authentic all the way.

I’m honoured you consider me an ‘athlete’ as it’s something I have never seen myself as and never will. I’m just a dad who loves to train to tame the iron and fire. Fitness wise, I am Joe Average. The only thing that sets me apart a little is my single mindedness. Anyone can do what I can if they just learn to grind


Nothing like avoiding crushing a toddler during pushup phases of burpees. Brilliant and brutal stuff ongoing here sir.