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Strong and Conditioned (ChongLordUno)

Hope all is well, my friend.

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Thank you matey

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Sorry to hear about the drama and hospital trip. Hope everything is ok mate.

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Cheers bro

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I’ve pretty much ditched barbell work for the time being.

I’m becoming more specific with my exercise selection as these tend to be the only ones I use during my videos. No point leaking recovery on exercises that I’m only doing to scratch the hypertrophy itch

These exercises are

Burpees, the 6 count and navy seal in particular
Chin/pull ups, weighted and bw
Dips, weighted and bw
Squats, KB and air
Push ups,
KB Swings

That’s pretty much it.




Hopefully @T3hPwnisher listens to this. He got a massive shout out and respect was paid

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Adding this pod cast to my bath time listening for later in the week. Can’t wait


Superb @simo74 my man

Let me know what you think man. Would really appreciate the feedback

Definitely will mate. It will probably take me 2 baths to finish it. Lol

Crack open a bottle of rose wine, put a bath bomb in and have a long soak @simo74 darling


That sounds better than most dates I’ve been on.


I will also have to find time for a long bath, but I really like what I’ve heard so far. I really relate to the beginning, where you describe fitness as part of your identity rather than something you’ve been passionate about. Like, if I don’t do it, who am I?

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Listened to the whole thing while doing my weighted vest walk with the dog this morning. Dude, you did me a great honor with the HUGE shout out: really appreciate it. Your journey and transformation has been nothing sort of inspiring to observe and you are a total force of nature these days.

I really dug a lot of what you had to say regarding the benefit of burpees as a mental challenge and it’s carryover to physical endeavors. People get too concerned about the 1s and 0s of training and don’t take time to appreciate the intangibles like that.

I had to just smile and nod hearing you talk about the lies we tell ourselves to get through the hard workouts. It’s such a BIG part of it. You NEED to be a good liar to get through a few hundred burpees.

Quality podcast. Amazing noise to signal ratio. You guys crushed it.


@EmilyQ I appreciate the feedback. Training was my identity for years however the fixation on it being so hindered my progress. Really glad you’re listening to the podcast

@T3hPwnisher listen big man, I’ll always give credit where it’s due and you have inspired me big time. You know this because I regularly remind you about it on here😂 thanks for the feedback man. Greatly appreciate it. Maybe you can come on the podcast at some point?

Would love to! My schedule has become a bit more stable these days, so it’d be pretty viable.