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Strong and Conditioned (ChongLordUno)

Its all good. You do you.

For me, I just don’t find any of this stuff fun. I like the results of training and I sometimes like the planning and thought that goes into the program but the execution piece is deff not something I do for fun.


I often find these disappointing for me.
I like the training process because I finally feel in the present. I spend a lot of time in my head, thinking about the future/past

As a father of 3 with a responsible job I totally understand the mental peace you can feel when you are in the middle of a hard training session.

Do you think that this may in part be due to the comment you made previously in that you find training fun. I dont want to clog up Chongs log but I think this is something worth talking about and @ChongLordUno will have a fair bit to offer on this subject.

Is there an inverse relationship between how much we enjoy our training vs the results that we see. People like Chong and @T3hPwnisher have both said how they dont enjoy the actual training in fact both talk about the dark place they visit when they are training and its certainly not a house of fun. But both of these guys are seeing excellent results, truly excellent.

I myself sit somewhere in the middle, I don’t find training fun but if the dark place that chong and pwn hang out in is in the basement then I am doing most of my training in the lounge room. My results have been steady but deff not the same as what these guys are seeing. So is it really that simple. In order to see results we have to train to a point where we dont enjoy the training and to see great results it has to just plain suck.


THere are definitely times I want to do nothing but lay on the couch for days (currently in one of those times) , but I usually regret taking days off so I force myself anyways and end up feeling pretty good

For me, certain exercises are fun. Legs usually are fun. Barbell Squats, lunges not fun. Anything back is fun, chest not fun. Yeah, it’s challenging, but for me it’s fun. Now the DOMS… Undecided. You definitely know you are alive. Cardio, not fun unless I am on a sub optimal bike ride.

To workout to the point of passing out for me is fun. I enjoy hurting. I enjoy exhaustion. I enjoy pushing myself to see how far I can go.

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@simo74 start a thread about this. It’s an interesting conversation but don’t want to clog up log


I love training, but probably because I don’t do things I hate. I choose exercises and styles of training I enjoy, and refuse to consider a program that contains things I hate.

Perhaps to get the very best results, there is no “enjoy” or “hate”, only doing.

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Took a couple of days out to recover for this

Spiritual experience.

Will report back later. Still buzzing


This is some crazy progress in a relatively short time frame. The night out must have helped give you the will and helped raise your spirit

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If you throw a mile at me, you know I’ll have to double it at least

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Yeah @jack_hammer my man.

I was supposed to hit 500 with a mate but he said he didn’t think he could manage it

That meant I had to do his 500 as well


YouTube would zap that shit right out the water

Maybe I’ll get it on a IG reel my man

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This is such a red flag, mental health wise. Please talk to someone (professional) about this.


I meant physically. I’m tired and don’t want to train, shit hurts . I train anyways because if I don’t, i feel shit mentally

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You’d have no problem with 2miles.

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Just saw this but haven’t had time to watch the horror. I salute you and your insanity sir.


Cheers @simo74 my man

The Man.

The Myth.

The Machine.