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Strong and Conditioned (ChongLordUno)


Firing up a log for this new challenge.

I want to get fucking shredded and aesthetic. No pussyfooting around.

Workouts will be like gold dust as me and the wife are working shifts to accommodate child care. I’m talking 4.30am gym visits here :man_facepalming:.


I’m going for a full body workout

The session format will remain constant throughout

Legs - work up to a set of 5-10 reps

Push - work up to a set of 5-10 reps

Pull - work up to a set of 5 - 10 reps

Once 10 reps is completed then up the weight

Isolation work (shoulders, back, arms, abs)

All done up to 1-2 sets beyond failure (partial reps, iso)


7-8 exercises per workout


3 x week max


1 hour max

I’ll be following an OMAD protocol as well.

Macros are of no importance.

Fasting and low meal frequency fit into my lifestyle and I’ve been flying on that format lately so if it ain’t broke…


Tally ho old chaps…


Banged this fucker out in 25 mins.

Had to scoot up the road so didn’t have time to fuck about.

Just back from a weeks holiday in Spain so trying to get rid of some unlimited buffet weight.

Minimal rest times.

Can’t be fucked with working out at times so just getting shit done.

Joining a 24 hour gym tonight so I can throw myself into this challenge

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What app is that you are using to track workouts?
Looks very cool.

The Strong app on iOS. It’s :+1:

I got it years ago so paid a one off fee. Think it’s subscription based now!

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Is it this one in the middle?

Sure is matey👍

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@Frank_C @aldebaran @FlatsFarmer @TriednTrue

Fire in lads and help keep me on the straight and narrow :blush:


Well mate looks like it will be an “easy” challenge. I don’t know how tall you are but it looks like 5kgs of fat will be enough to be shredded! I’ll be in with you on the dieting down when I start ahah…

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I think we all overestimate how much we need to do to maintain muscle. If you manage to train once or twice a week with a little intensity then I think you’ll maintain your muscle mass while cutting weight. Do what you can when you can.

I guess you’re stuck with this approach for awhile so I hope you like it!


I’m in! Looks like you’re already leaner.

Good on you with the OMAD - it does not bode well for me keeping a customer-facing job or a family…

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Yeah same no way I can do that after 2h at work I’m already hungry af

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Guys it’s actually really easy after the 3 day mark.

Successful dieting is controlled hunger. OMAD being the perfect environment to control said hunger

Does it affect your early morning workouts? That’s also my time

I’ve only been having one or two meals recently too and after the first few days it feels pretty normal. Quite often I’ll have a big breakfast then workout then a protein shake after and that’ll be it.

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Not at all.

In the morning I’ll take a spin class around 6.30am then lift weights for an hour.

No drop in performance whatsoever.

It’s all in the head mate.

I won’t eat till 1-2pm as well.

And believe me man, food tastes fucking amazing once you’ve been fasting that long🥰

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I’ll bet!

We’ll see. I may give it a try again at some point in the future. Probably not right this minute; I need to really get disgusted at my fat first

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I’ve discovered that I get to a point of feeling really good when I fast. I hate it along the way, but mid to late afternoon, I feel quite energetic. The hunger also goes away after a bit, and then comes back, and then goes away.

I still enjoy my food, though.

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Yeah I’ve tried as well, I feel good in the morning but then horrible, so fatigued. To each their own I guess!


I always try to push my clients in the direction of a 24 hour fast.

Just to show them how easy it is more than anything else.

I’m fasting 22 hours minimum daily right now. Playing fast and loose.

I’m shredding up and actually looking bigger.

Fasting isn’t going to build muscle but it’s going to slice you up like a motherfucker. With ease as well.

That’s definitely been my experience and WHAT HAS WORKED FOR ME😊.

I’m on a football(soccer🤦‍♂️) forum and we have a fasting thread on the go. A lot of these guys don’t even exercise yet are shedding weight. A lot of them have tried every diet going however fasting has been the easiest to follow and adhere to.

However it mostly succeeds because they all buy into the concept.

I can see that fasting has a woo-woo vibe at times however it totally makes sense to me. Once you get over the ingrained mind pattern of losing muscle then you are fucking flying.


Rowing 2 mins

10 x KB swings

Rowing 2 mins

10 x DB Shoulder Press

Rinse and repeat for 20 mins.