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Strong and Armed

I didnt know where to put this so here it stays.

I have two questions, similar but different.

  1. I had a question/wanted to open up the discussion - as to how long it takes a person to get to the ‘touted’ decent strength levels 300/400/500 - bench squat dead. I realize it has many factors such as natural strength levels, weight, committment to diet and training etc. so i dont want that bullshit discussion but…

How long did it take you? I realise bodybuilding isnt a game of numbers, but strength training coupled with food and time yields results.

Anyone do this in say a year? Two? How much did you gain to get there considering majority trained like bodybuilders and not powerlifters which would have gotten you there most likely quicker.

  1. How long does it take to get to 18" arms.

How long did it take you? How much weight was gained. How much strength was gained?

Again these questions arent for a shitstorm of a discussion it was just myself trying to make reasonable/realistic goals for the future.