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Strong Abs = Strong Eyes?


Hi all. I am 41 years old and have always had bad vision. I went to the eye doctor today fully expecting to be told that I would have to get bifocals. The doc said that they weren't necessary, and that I probably wouldn't need them for a while. He informed me that there is a direct correlation between abdominal/core strength and the ability of the eye to focus. Who knew?! Just one more reason to work out.




Looks down at his belly through his glasses damn you abzzz, damn you!!!



I don't think it has anything to do with general vision (believe me, mine sucks) just the ability to focus near or far with a single vision lens as opposed to needing a bifocal lens.


Well, I was wearing bifocals at the age of 3, then in my teens, I started wearing regular glasses, and have been since. Not sure my abs had anything to do with it, but hehe, who knows.


That's weird. My core strength is at an all time high and my ability to focus has gone in the shitter over the past few months. I feel ripped off.


all my GMs, front squats, GHRs, reverse hypers, box squats, ab wheel, etc and I can't seem to focus on anything at all....


It only works if you are actively flexing your abs. Try this...put your hand up to your face just to the point where it starts to go out of focus. For me it is about 6-8" from my face. Now, flex the shit out of your abs. And, voila.


what about reading glasses-
do I need reading abs too?


Only the top 2 abs are for reading.


It's true I stood naked in the bathroom just now, looked down and I couldn't see my cock. Flexed my abs and then I could see it!



heh, wondered where this topic would lead.


This also leads to a health issue where the optic nerve gets cross wired to your rectum. This results in a very shitty outlook on life.....

Thanks folks, doing 3 shows a night I will be here all wekk.....


Did this 'doctor' ask you to take off your shirt so that he could inspect your core?


Bunch of wise-asses, huh? Should've seen it coming.

No Stern, he didn't ask me to lift my shirt. We had been discussing glasses vs. contact lenses being more suitable for my active lifestyle, plus it lists personal trainer as my occupation, so I think he just assumed I have strong abs.


Why does this post seem so out of character for you?


Very sorry KP. Consider me suitably reprimanded.

(Sheepishly goes upstairs to his bedroom to sit and think about what he's just done)


It wasn't a reprimand. Perhaps I even enjoyed the visual?

You just always seem so straight-laced to me. All business.


I know, I was kidding.

Actually I am pretty straight laced, I was just trying to be "one of the guys".


Oh my god....Brett made a joke, and a really funny one. My wife had to come in to see what i was laughing about.

Now that your cover has been blown...I would think that there's no reason not to post the bench PR video......celebration and all.