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Strong 150 lb. Kid


All I gotta say is wow. I've never seen a person such strength/explosiveness


He posts here. And im pretty sure hes like 25.


It's impressive, he has some good lifts for his size. Far better than mine, especially his vertical jump, broad jump, etc.

Just in case you didn't know (and I'm sure it's obvious) he sped up his cleans and jerks in the beginning of the video with editing.


ah i see. Well i'd love to see his workout regimen, seeing as how this Frank Yang guy has a 40 inch vert.


Frank's the man. He's probably closer to 170lbs nowadays.


wow. some of that shit was very impressive. some stuff near the end i just found weird, or maybe i just dont know what the hell he was doing. toward the end, hes standing to the side of a rack, doing god knows what, that looks like a standing seizure. lot of impressive things in there- all of the jumping i thought was really, really damn good. other things i was left wondering what the fuck i was looking at.


He is clearly a fuckin ninja...


This one was just straight up silly...

Still, sort of impressive in a real straight up silly kind of way.


This is old news. I remember there was a thread on here where everyone was whining about him and his friends yell at the gym lol. Seeing this guy got me into all this stuff.


lol yeah i just read that thread. Tons of hate, was pretty damn humorous.

i agree with your last statement. i didnt take lifting serious when i first started, but after watchin frank, i was like man i gotta step up my game.


Weird stud but still a stud. Da man right there.


Yeah, he's also bat-shit crazy.


my index knuckle was completely fubar'd for one year while boxing, tried boxing through it.. so then i said fuck it.. lemme find something else to do..

saw a frank yang vid and got hooked on vert ;d



His intensity is admirable, but his form on his squats and deads is crap. He will ruin himself if he doesn't wise up.


WTF is he doing at 4:26?
And I thought I was the only one who went to the gym in nothing but an orange banana-hammock...


It got you into yelling at the gym?


I like to think of him as a mini- Holy Mac on speed... with a little bat-shit crazy thrown in.


He's kinda silly, but he's definitely a strong mofo.

He's been around here on and off for years.