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Stroke and Lyme Rebuild

Hello, well as the title stats this is a rebuild for me. After my antibiotic treatments, and getting the all clear on my heart I started preparing to rebuild my body. Last September 2018 I started a detox with daily steam saunas, as well as cleaning up my diet. In March of 2019 I was ready to start running sprints and using resistance bands at home. I went on a balanced diet focused more on good high fats. Weight started falling off, and by July I went from 193lbs to 175lbs. This is when I decided to go OMAD. Weight continued to come off and by September 2019 I hit 159lbs. I was feeling better than I had on over 20 years of being chronically ill. Unfortunately stroke had effected my hormone levels so my doctor wanted me on TRT as I was hovering around 120. I started Oct 3rd. At this time I decided to join a local gym and have been training hard almost five days a week. I’ve also been eating like a crazy and managed to gain about 12 pounds since Oct. Up till now I haven’t been following any plan. I am considering going for SUPER SQUATS! I have some seriously lagging body parts as I suffered some atrophy in my muscles because I would at times be on antibiotics 8 months at a time. I have almost worked out all my imbalances. When I started going to the gym I could only press 75 pounds because the left side of my body was so weak. Last week I hit 205 on the bench for one rep and over 200 on squat for 3 reps. :slight_smile: So here is what the plan is gonna look like. Squats 1 x 20 - BTN press 3 x 12 - CG bench 3 x 10 - Bent Rows 3 x 12 - SLDL 3 x 12 - Pull overs 3 x 12 and some abs. My right arm is only 15 1/2 inch and my left is a tad over 15 inch. Do you guys think I could work an arm day in some where if I’m doing this plan 3 days a week? Any suggestions would be helpful. I used this video as my reference for this. Super Squats I’m currently 5’11 175. Pretty small bones but would love to build some size.

Congrats on your successes to this point.

If you’re interested in super squats it might be worth getting the book if you havent, probably like 10 bucks on an ereader?
Pretty sure at some point that @T3hPwnisher ran and opined on super squats so he might have something useful to say about it too.


Thanks! I had been searching for a program the past two weeks. Recently I saw a video posted by the Golden Era Bookworm on Youtube about it. I instantly knew it was the program for me, minus the gallon of milk a day. :slight_smile: I’m going to search out the book now.

Completed the program for the first time today. I started my squats light at only 135. I must admit, I think the weight was too low. After my slow 20 I ended up doing two more sets for 10 reps. For CG bench I also only did 135 but it felt pretty good by the 3rd set. I’ll be gradually increasing the weight each week. I did rows and DLs also at 135. Next work out is Tuesday.
After my workout I ate about two cups shredded chicken with rice, A protein shake with oatmeal, and blueberries in it, a enchilada and a cup of coffee. I was starving! Tonight is homemade pizza with goat cheese, spinach and olive oil instead of red sauce.

It is absolutely too low. That sort of 20 should floor you. The recommendation is using your 10rm.


Okay, I’m supposed to do it again tomorrow. So I’ll bring the weight up. I still have some weakness but I’ll definitely do what I can. I’ll post in here what shoot for.

Keeping with the program I upped my 20 rep to 185 pounds. My max for 3 was only at 200 pounds. 185 felt pretty hard. on the 18th rep I got lightheaded and almost passed out. Next week I’m going to add ten pounds total to the bar for 195.

  • got home and had a protein shake with oatmeal, blueberries, banana, added in some more fiber, creatine. After my shower I had shredded chicken with a sweet potato. Currently getting over 3500 cal a day. some fat is forming in my gut and hips.

  • A guy at the gym is interested in running the program with me so I might have someone to do it with.

  • Just weighed myself. :frowning: getting fat. sitting at about 183 pounds.

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Another day another 20. 20 not so bad this time, it still sucked but didn’t kill me. Completed the entire program with some juice in the tank. Recovery feels fast on 200mg test cyp. I need to be conscious of this to avoid injury. Just because I feel like I can go and go doesn’t mean I should.

  • Pre workout was Oatmeal with 35 gram protein, and peanut butter. Also drank some pre workout. Had shake after workout and am about to eat some pulled pork and rice. Dinner will be tacos. Before bed I’ll have popcorn and dark chocolate or oatmeal and dark chocolate.
  1. Would love to hit 250 for 20. Gotta get to 200 first.
  • After next week I’ll probably do a physique update. See if any changes are happening.
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A few weeks back I was invited by some of the power lifters (one of them competes) to come up on the weekend and pull weight. I told them I had no experience and couldn’t pull heavy. They said it didn’t matter, and that I should come see if I like it. So today I went. I really didn’t know what to expect. Dudes were DLing 600+ for reps. It was a bit intimidating. Before going, the most I ever tried pulling was 225pounds. I started at 135 while they analyzed my form. They made a few tweaks to it, and after several warmups I had 275pounds on the bar. I pulled it for two reps. I honestly felt like I had more.

It was a fun day. guess I’m going back next weekend. Might try some farmer carries. The head guy told me I should research a power building program.

Still training and eating. Its been a bit since I’ve updated this. The weights are increasing and I feel like I’m getting stronger. I’m having some grip issues in my left hand that I’m guessing is stroke residuals. I’m working through it and making good progress.

I’m approaching the three plate realm on my DL. These guys I’ve been training with have a lot of knowledge and have been schooling me pretty good.

Approaching two plates on my squat. 195 is feeling pretty good. I’m able to pull off some pauses at that weight so I think I’m close to going up some.

I hit a PR today on leg press. 500 pounds for 10 reps. That’s huge for me. When I started in October I could barley do 3 plates.

I’m now doing 135lbs bent over rows 10 reps - sets of 5. Easy.

Doing 185 on bench reps 10 getting much easier. Going to test my one rep this Saturday.

Eating like it’s going out of style. My arms are not growing as fast as I would like, but I’m in it for the long haul. I’ve been setting my triceps on fire as much as possible. :slight_smile:

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Seems like good stuff way to go

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Still going strong. I really wish I could grow faster. 200mg test cyp a week, 250 HCG now as well.

When I started my bench was only 75 pounds, it’s now 245! My squat is now 275 for 5 reps! I have bent over rows with straps at 225! I hit three plates on my deadlift, next goal is four plates.

I think I’m recovering pretty fast. I’m also getting thicker. Delts are coming in, arms are taking shape. I’ve noticed my quads and calves are wanting to grow faster than anything else. I really love squatting now.

I’m still doing powerlifting on the weekends, and training about six days a week. I’ll include some early feb pics of my bicep, tris and forearm.