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Striving to Do More Push-ups


My girlfriend finds push ups to be extremely frustrating. She's tried doing them on a bench, other elevated objects and variations but still struggles. Are there any tips or exercises she can focus on to help herself make this less frustrating?



Push-ups and pull-ups, same principle...frequency.

The more she does them the better she will get at doing them, and with that I mean girly push-ups on her knees then progress to regular push-ups.

My 0.02.


Practice on the knees to start. Make sure her hands are under her chest, and not under her face (common mistake). Make sure her body is dropping and rising at the same time, make sure her belly isn't dropping first on the way down and her chest isnt coming up first on the way up. Also make sure her scapula are packed back and down, by doing this you can easily activate your lats, which actually can help in a pushup.