Striving for Focus and Willpower

Today I stumbled upon an old log I kept back in 2009 and was amazed to see how much more progress I made when I logged things out. I’ve been very inconsistent the last two years. Taking long breaks and skipping a lot of sessions. So here I am again hoping this log keeps me focused.


Age: 27
Weight: 214.7
Waist: 42 inches
Height: 6’
Bodyfat: 28% according to waist/neck/height measurement

I’m aiming for 2,500 calories as my base and adjusting depending on outcomes for each few weeks.

Current Maxes:

Deadlift: 495x1
Bench: 215x3
Front Squat: 225x3

Pictures to come this weekend.

Like most people, I want to lose fat and have my lifts go up, but it probably isnt likely. I’d love to hit a 500 deadlift by October 1st, but I’ll refrain from setting any fat loss/lift goals for now. My goal is to finish the 4 month workout plan and follow a healthy eating plan consistently. From there I will determine what my next goal is.

Food ratios for today
Cals Fat Cholest Sodium Carbs Sugars Fiber Protein
2,471 60g 617mg 3,626mg 271g 78g 31g 221g

Food entrys can be viewed here

I wish there was an easier way to export the picture. I’ve seen it done in another thread, but haven’t figured it out myself yet.

Todays Weights:

A1)Close Grip Bench Press
205/3x3 215/3

B1) Low Incline DB Press
80/6 85/6x2
B2) Chest Supported Row

C1) Prone Bridge Arm March 3 sets of 10 each side
C2) Side Lying External Rotation 3 sets of 10 each side

D1)Elbow/Wrist Flexor Stretch
D2) 3-way Band Hamstrings Stretch

Here is my meals from yesterday. I think I figured out how to use the livestrong pictures. Had a 4 hour meeting from 11am-2pm and lunch was served. I’m not sure of the exact proportions, but filled it in anyways.

And here are my meals from today. I haven’t had dinner yet, but i’ve already plugged it in.

July 8ths food!


July 7th - Off day, but took a 30 minute walk at night with the fiancee.

July 8th

Day 1 of Week 3

Foam roll/Warm ups

A1) Front Squats
225x3x2 235/3x3

B) Speed Deadlifts

C1) DB Reverse Lunges from Deficit
45x8, 50x8x2 on each side
C2) Pallof Press
50x3 60x3x2

Followed that up with the Cosgrove’s ‘Evil 8’ with 55lbs, but took out the good mornings since my lower back was not having it.


Overall a good day and looking forward to tomorrow!

July 9th

A1) Alternating DB Bench
80x5 85x5x3 90x5
A2) Neutral Grip Pull Ups

B1) Feet Elevated Push Ups
Thick Band 3 sets of 10
B2) Seated Cable Rows Pronated
120x10 130x10 140x10

C1) DB Hammer Curls
C2) Crossover Reverse Fly

D1) Ab Wheel
D2) Walking Spiderman

I woke up really sore today, but loosened up after my warm up. I was excited to hit 90lbs on the DB bench and to actually not miss one of my pull ups. Also, the Seated rows felt really easy today. Next time I hope it goes as well so I can go up to 150/160.

Todays nutrition went alright. I didn’t go over my calories, but I did go to Flame Broiler and had brown rice+beef which ended up being a lot of calories.

Tomorrow is an off day, but we’re going hiking for some extra cardio. Hopefully I remember to snap some pictures of myself for the log tomorrow since I forgot this morning!

July 10ths meals attached

Day started with a 2 hour hike. Overall it was very enjoyable except that I slipped on a wet rock while trying to navigate a creek. I thought I’d have more injuries from the fall since I landed on several rocks, but only ended up busting my middle finger, which is now extremely swollen.

We celebrated a friends birthday at Chili’s right after the hike. I didn’t realize how much calories was in one of their burgers and fries, but avoided getting an appetizer and an extra beer. I feel guilty about it, but just going to try and move forward.

The hike totally wiped my fiancee and myself out and we ended up napping after and spent the rest of the evening being lazy. This led to no lunches for the next day.

Will post today’s meals and workouts later.

July 11th meals attached. Ate out for lunch because I failed to prep food. Won’t be an issue tomorrow since I planned ahead.

Todays workout

Warm up - Foam rolling and mobility drills

A2) Wall ankle mobs

B1) Walking Lunges
45x6 each side x4
B2) Quadruped chin tucks

C1) Side Bridge Wall Slides
C2) Natural Glute ham raises 3x6

D1) Stretching

Workout went pretty well considering my finger was swollen. I thought it would hinder me, but it really didn’t. Deadlifts went up, but my fiancee did state that I was rounding my back so I tried to pay more attention to my form.

Side bridge wall slides still make me hate life. I’m hoping one day these won’t be so difficult to pull off.

Tomorrow will be some form of cardio(Fiancee is picking the poison).

Here are a few pics I took today. Waist is down to about 40 inches, but when comparing my prior before pics, i look the same if not somewhat bigger.



Will post my meals for today once I return from the gym.

Attached is today’s meals.

I did a 365 rep workout my Fiancee found on the net. It incorporated a lot of lunges and squats. Ended up finishing in 40 minutes and 10 seconds. Next time we do cardio together I get to pick what we do. So I have to think of something hellish, but fun.

Fiancee and I are extremely bummed at our progress. I know my waist has gone down an inch or so, but the pictures look worse than they did before. We hit the gym 5-6 times a week and are definitely eating way better than we did before, but we seem to be getting bigger. It’s discouraging but also motivating. Hopefully it becomes more motivating than discouraging.

Meals above.

Last day of Week 3! woot!

Foam Rolling/Mobility Warm up

A1) Close Grip Bench Press
225x2 failed on the 3rd rep

A2) Pullups 6 sets of 3

B1) Low Incline DB Press

B2) Chest Supported Row

C1) Prone Bridge March
C2) External Rotation


I was really impressed on my pull ups. I usually struggle after the first two sets, but I think I can start adding weight.

Weight today was at 213.7, but it fluctuates all the time so no idea where I really stand.

Tomorrow is an off day, but I plan on going for a 30 minute walk sometime in the night.

July 15th Meals ^^^


Foam Rolling/Mobility

A1)Fronts Squats

A2)Scapular Wall Slides

B) Speed Deadlifts

C1) DB Reverse Lunges from Deficit
50x8x3 each side
C2) Pallof Press Iso Holds
60x3 each side

This 4th week is lower volume, but I tried to take advantage and go heavier in weight.

Drinking a shake and then prepping to hit up the gym again. Will post again later today.

July 16th Workout

A1)Alternating Db Bench Press
90x5(each side) x3
A2) Neutral Grip Pull ups

B1)Feet Elevated Push Ups
Thick Band 10x3
B2) Seated Cable Rows

C1) Dumbbell Hammer Curls
C2) Crossover REverse Fly

D1) Ab Wheel Rollout
D2) Walking Spiderman w/OH Reach
5x3 each side

Then I followed it up with some carries. Did 8 rounds of 20lbs both hands overhead for 35 yards, then dropped the weight and pulled a sled w/95lbs while carrying two 20lb sandbags(wish they had more).

Also, my fiancee has an issue doing deadlifts with her fractured back. I made a post about it and if anyone can offer some advice, I’d be forever grateful! Thanks

Todays Meals

And Workout

Warmup - Foam rolling/mobility work


A2)Wall Ankle mobs

B1) Walking Db Lunges
B2) Quadruped Chin Tucks
C1) Side Bridge Wall Slides
10x3 each side
C2) Natural Glute-ham raises

Fiancee and I decided to do cardio after our workouts today so I did 8 rounds of carries/sled pulls. 35 yards 30lb each hand over head carry and then 35 yards sled pull/bag carry. Bag was two 20lb sandbags and the sled had 3 45 plates.


Tomorrow is the last day of phase 1 and I’m stoked to get into phase 2.

Just finished reading Dan John’s ‘Never Let Go’ and am starting John Mccalum’s Keys to Progress. Never Let Go was beyond inspirational! I now have to read anything Dan John writes or anything he suggests one should read.

I suggest everyone check out Never Let Go

Diet - Thought we had made some healthy nachos, but it seems that it still has tons of calories. Guess there is no such thing as healthy nachos! Oh well, you live you learn.

Last day of Phase 1!

Workout Notes:
Didn’t feel focused today as usual. 225 seems to slay me when it comes to benching. My joints hurt and it just throws me out of my zone. Very disheartening, but I was impressed how easy the rows felt.

Warm up - Foam Rolling and mobility drills

A1)Close Grip Bench Press
A2) Pullups
bw+10x3, Bw+25x3, BW+25x2

B1) Low Incline Db Press
B2) Chest Supported Row

C1) Prone Bridge Arm March
C2) Side Lying External Rotation
10x3 each side


Did laps in the pool till closing. Only got in about 7-10 laps. Going to try and do more swimming for some extra cardio. Hopefully I can find some interesting routines on the net.

Tomorrow I measure myself and take more pictures. Hopefully all goes well and I can see an improvement.

Fridays Workout

Warm up

Mobility work and foam rolling

A1) Sumo DL
A2) ankle mobility work

B1) Barbell Reverse Lunge FS Grip
B2)Yoga Plex

C1) 1 leg DB RDLs
C2) Split Stance Cable Lift


Diet Notes:

Ate pretty bad yesterday and today. Went out for a gathering and ended up having buffalo wings and beer. And today ended up going out to eat with my parents which involved chili fries and waffles. Time to get back on track for next week!

Friday Workout notes:

Went pretty well considering I’ve only done sumo deadlifts once or twice before. I’ll have to watch more videos and get the technique down. This workout really does kill my lower back. I believe the 1 leg RDLs are the worst. I’d go higher in weight if it wasnt for my back killing me the entire time.

I’m almost positive its technique and sometimes I can do it without pain, but most of the time its pretty painful.

Other notes:

No gym workout today, but did go indoor rock climbing for 3 hours and ran 1.5-2 miles. I think I see myself getting slimmer, but i’m not sure. Will have to take pictures on Wednesday and see.

Can’t wait to get back in tomorrow for day 2 of phase 2!


A1) Low incline Barbell Press
A2) Hip mobility

B1) Neutral Grip DB Press
B2) Neutral Grip Pullups

C1) Standing 1-arm Cable Rows
C2) 1 Leg Feet Elevated Push Ups
5x3 used a thick band

Diet: Haven’t had a chance to log my food today, but I’ve ate good all day, but probably not enough food

Workout: I hate bench pressing. I use to love it, but it’s becoming more and more frustrating. I think a majority of the reason is because my wrists hurt every time I bench. I even try to use wrist wraps to help on the sets above 200lbs, but I think it affects my confidence and technique. This only occurs on barbell benching though, DBs I have no issues with.

Tomorrow is day 3 of Phase 2 so I’m excited to see whats in store!

On a side note, my fiancee and I enjoyed rock climbing so much yesterday we decided to get a pass to a local place we found. Definitely excited to do more climbing and seeing how my training impacts my climbing ability.