Strive Equipment

Has any one tried this equipment? It has a free weight feel that I’ve Never felt in a machine. What are the thoughts in T-man world?

I’ve never used Strive. There was a good article back in MM2K a few years back that described the whole concept and company. I’m interested to know if anyone has used Ground Zero equipment and their thoughts. I’d use Strive over Hammer and Hammer over bodymasters, etc. Variety works.

I’ve used Ground Zero from time to time. Every place in Dallas is getting it now. I like a lot of their stuff because you’re not in a restricted line of path like all other machines. I don’t like, however, how the whole concept is core training. It would be hard to add a lot of mass with it, but it’s great for functional strength.

I recently joined a gym that has a Strive machine for Biceps and Triceps. I have always been skepticle about using any machine as I like using free weights but thought I would give it a try on my last arm day. Well let me tell you arm day was three days ago and I still have trouble straightening my arms. I used both machines as a finishing exercise at the end of my workout doing the 5 set program they have on there. The pump I got was unbelievable especially the brachiallis, which is a weak point of my arms. I am definatly gonna use it as a finisher for then next three weeks until I change my rountine around. Thats my two cents.

poliquin likes the strive machine rows, he included them in his top upper 7 upper back excercises i beleive.