I have been thinking about doing a strip show for my wife. Have any other t-men done this or any vixens been on the receiving end? Did you go all out and get a G-string/weenie bikini ? Any special music work well ? How did it go over for you ? Thanx for any tips or suggestions.

This would mostly depend on what you think your wife would want. If she wants you in spurs and chaps, then get them. If this is a surprise, then you’ll have to go on how well you know your wife. As far as music, pick something that you like that fits your look and personality. Stripping can be funny, erotic, romantic, or any combination of the three. It’ll basically take some experimentation and communication between you and your wife since she is your only audience. Most adult bookstores have stuff that is traditionally stripperware. You might wish to consider going to see some male strippers with your wife. I know it sounds strange, but it might give you some ideas. Stripping is also a good chance to role play. Good luck.

Great site for these types of questions. And here’s one on male stripping. love/love_tip_100/127_love_tip.html [remove spaces]

I’m sorry my friend, but the act of stripping to music like a Chip n’ Dale is a violation of Article 9 of the T-Man charter. You’ll have to revoke your membership and return your decoder ring and cape immediately, should you proceed. Sorry.

No no, no…he can’t return the cape…he’ll be wearing it for the strip-show…do you know how much $$ he paid to get the sequins added?!?

You’re a sick MoFo. Its people like you that give squash a bad name.

A lot of good bodies (supposedly) on this board…has anyone ever stripped outside of “private shows”? Just curious.