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Stripping away fat

Heres my question. I stopped working out about 1 year ago and went on a partying binge. Now I have excess flab that i have never had on my chest and more on my abdominal region. Can anyone give me a good diet to rip this fat off? I hate looking like this!!!

Try the FAQ section of T-mag.

Well, aside from looking up all of the various diets suggested on this site, you could start working out again, stop eating and drinking all the party food you’ve been injesting, and then generally rid yourself of flab-creating foods: fast foods, fried foods, chips and other assorted snacks, wheat products, pop (or soda), etc. Stick to lean meats, veggies and fruits. Add oatmeal, yogurt, and fish. Add some cardio to your workout routine until you lose the flab you want and then just do enough to maintain your heart.

Well, I am someone who, while I may eat much better than the average Jane/Joe, still drink beer and will eat a bowl of popcorn, box of Mike & Ikes, or eat a nice big cookie . But I don’t do this everyday - 90% to 95% of my nutritional intake is foods that my body will need. You can drink your beer, etc. - but of course, in moderation. Or you end up like how you are now.

Do read the FAQ and/or The Diet Manifesto to get a good idea of what you can do diet-wise. The FAQ is also good to see what you can do routine-wise. One more thing: if this flab is pretty new and was added primarilly by your binging, just remember the "first on, last off" rule. Fat that has been with you the longest will generally be the hardest and last to go, while newly added flab will be easier to lose. Wierd, huh? Been pretty true for me.


You said in your posting that “wheat” products help to cause flab (in your list of crappy foods this guy has probably been ingesting)…are you sure that wheat products cause flab? It seems contrary to everything that I have read that wheat is much better than enriched white flour and then whole wheat (which is how most try to ingest wheat) is way more nutritious and better and DOES NOT cause flab…Perhaps Im wrong - please clarify this

I did mean white flour mostly, but also all the products that contain flour–cookies, cakes, donuts, yes, even pasta,baguettes (or French bread), --that kind of thing. I agree that whole wheat is better than white flour, but even breads that claim to be whole wheat are usually just coloured that way. The best bread to eat, if you must, are the whole grain, really dense kinds–usually found only in European style delis.

I forgot to mention ive been working out for the past 8 weeks and im trying to strip away my fat. Ive lost 17lbs. in 8 weeks, I weighed 190 before now I weigh 173 ive just got a little more until I strip my fat away

:0 Did somebody say STRIPPING? :slight_smile:

Do you know where I can find out exactaly how fat (all types) is broken down?

Damn. I was all set to flame you until I read your post about your excellent progress over the last eight weeks. Good job. As far as trimming up goes, you can read all about a lot of diets on this site. Basically, just cut out the fried foods, pizza, donuts, and shit. Also, 17 lbs over eight weeks is a good clip, but you may be losing more lean mass than you need to. Also, since you are weight training, you may actually find that you stop losing weight all together, but continue leaning out as you increase your lean mass. Good luck.