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Hey guys-
I went to a strip club recently and got a strippers number. This girl is incredibly hot!

Just wanted to get some feedback regarding hooking up with strippers and/or experiences some of you have had with strippers.



Greg, I have been in your shoes recently, all I have to say is HIT AND RUN!! Seriously I am sure I am not going to be the only one to tell you this,but most the girls in that industry are Fucked up,alot of coke,and pills get popped.To each his own,but I just don't like being involved in that scene....They are nice to bang because they look good and all just don't get "caught up" with hittin this chick because she is a hot stripper,if you do most likely you will get burned....Anyway with that said Congrats Bro have some fun!!


I expect you to hit it and drop a full report on my desk first thing in the morning. Leave no detail unreported, no matter how minute it may appear to be. Please.


I agree with the "hit it and run" theory. I've gotten a few strippers numbers...they all seem to live a life style that is much different than what we (as lifters) are used to. Based on my experiences:

  1. They are "flighty"
  2. Their entire existence seems to revolve around stripping...working at the club, then going with other girls to other strip clubs to watch girls.
  3. They drink like crazy.
  4. Never met a stripper who didnt do some kind of drug.
  5. Most are very used to getting what the want just for being pretty.

On the other hand, they are hot and fun to have sex with. haha, have fun.




Seems like a great idea, until you take your buddies to the club with you. Then it feels kind of awkward.

The other downside is that this could be come a voodoo punani situation and you won't be able to let go. She'll drive your credit score into the ground man.

If you decide to take the ride, enjoy and report back.




I'll give you a few details right now:

This stripper is just a smoking-hot 23 year chick w/ a tight as hell body (I'd say 5'6, 105-110, huge fake tits), sluty face, great hair, out of this world ass, & ,of course, uses that "stripper" perfume....I could just go on and on!

I'm actually kind of intimidated about calling her since I'm not used to that level of hotness.


Just hire a high-class prostitute.




I'm actually kind of intimidated about calling her since I'm not used to that level of hotness.

Come on man fuck that if you got her number just call it up! Huge fake tits, hmmm wonder what poor sap paid for them,don't buy her shit bro!


oh yeah Il Cazzo I have to agree with your numbers 1-5 the life style that most of them lead is just out of control! Hope nobody gets offended by this,but I also find that alot of hairstylist girls lead the same kind of life


'uses that "stripper" perfume'


where do they buy that shit!?
... and does it come in a 5 gallon drum ?



Greg,one more thing...If your buddies are anything like my buddies then there is NO WAY they are letting you get away with NOT calling this chick..Trust me they are thinking about banging this girls co-workers/friends.


If you got her number after a single encounter in the club, then there are two possibilities:

1) it's a fake number, or
2) you need to stay far, far away

No stripper in her right mind hands out her number to a stranger, unless she's trying to do business on the side. On the other hand, if she's known you for a while, then you should try the hit and run. Just don't ever take it more seriously than that, otherwise you'll regret it.


Well I'll answer this - since I am a stripper and have dated many strippers in the past. The number is probably legit, however your chances of having a steady relationship with her aren't great. the trouble with most of these girls is they love attention, and tend to have a different hookup in almost every town they travel to. They also are money hungry and many of them love doing coke as well. There are a few however who are just doing this to put themselves through school and don't hang around the scene when not working. Most of these girls wouldn't mix business with pleasure however and I fall into this catagory as well. So If your into a fun time with a hot bodied stripper, I say go have some fun, but don't expect a relationship to come of it. P-22



Good read...

Been there, done that, moved on...

- Bank Account
- Grade Point Average
- Sanity



Dave876 - You nailed it dude....my buddies are almost more into this than I am (I said ALMOST).

I really doubt it's a fake number since she was really freaked out about "management" finding out what she was up to. So she memorized my number and went to the "stripper room" to call my number from her cell, so that I'd have it on my caller id. I guess she could be a prostitude or want a sugar daddy...but I was definitly not throwing around cash or acting like a player....actually my buddy paid for the lap dance and I only tipped her five bucks on top of that. I think there were a look more guys there that look like they need "companionship" than myself....so I doubt she's a hooker.

BTW, I have absolutely no itention of "dating" her...I'd just would like to experience a girl like her before I'm settled down.

I'm also thinking my buddies and I could have a great time this summer with her and her other stripper friends.

P-22: You seem to have the most experience here...what do you suggest as a "first date"?


Why are you intimidated by a stripper? Do you have any idea of the level of class and intelligence of most of the people she is surrounded by? You have no reason to be intimidated by her looks. Inside the club, she has full control over you because you are out of your environment but outside the club she has no advantage. My last two girlfriends were both "dancers" as they prefer to be called(hehehehe, yah, whatever!) and to tell you the truth they were no different than any other woman I dated. The sex wasn't better either. Sure, I didn't have to worry about finding a big, hairy pussy when I took off their pants but besides that it's the same shit. One thing I must say is that I met both of them outside of the club and I didn't know what either of them did for a living. In fact, thinking back, I met both of them at the same gym. Funny story is, they know each other because they both work at the same club(Brass Rail, for any Torontonians in the know). From what I've found, you've got two classes of strippers. The heavy partier, drugged up type and the very healthy, fitness model, it's just for the money type. Both the girls I dated were of the latter group. I also never once went to their work to "watch" them. Just didn't think it would feel right watching my girlfriend rub her naked ass into some fucker's crotch. These girls usually only work at the "better" clubs and usually will never go out with someone they met at work. The former, however, are looking to take advantage of you any chance they get. These are the girls that will give out their number while working because they know how to use the power of the pussy to take advantage of us. These chicks will suck you off for a drive home so they can save cabfair, along with any other guy in the club. The number she gave you? More than likely it's her pager. They all have one. You'll leave a message and she'll get back to you when she needs something. If you want to do the same to her, take her somewhere most people she would meet would not. Take her out of her element so she feels out of control of the situation. Take her to the Opera(hehehe). But seriously, show her a side that most guys she would meet would not and she'll be all intimidated by you. You've got to turn the tables. If you call her up all intimidated then your mincemeat. If you can make her feel like she's not up to your caliber, then she's like a litlle bunny and your just the big, bad wolf. Then fuck her and go home.


loopfitt - That sounds like solid advice. Thanks, man.


and my motto

is bang a ho and hit the throttle!