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Strippergate…who knew:) Seems like the local talent pool will benefit from a financial stanpoint heh?

Canada’s foreign stripper ban targets abuse

POSTED: 10:53 p.m. EDT, May 16, 2007
Story Highlights

? Amendment aims to protect foreign strippers from exploitation, abuse
? Work permits can be denied for foreign strippers deemed likely be victimized
? Defunct program used to give foreign-born dancers temporary work permits

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada will start denying work permits to foreign strippers to prevent them from being abused and to clamp down on human trafficking, Immigration Minister Diane Finley said on Wednesday.

Laws will be changed to allow immigration officers to deny work permits to foreign strippers if authorities believe there is a strong possibility they could be subjected to humiliating and degrading treatment, including sexual exploitation.

“This will prevent situations where temporary workers in Canada, including strippers, may be abused, exploited or possibly become victims of human trafficking,” Finley said in a statement.

In December 2004, the then-Liberal government scrapped a program that handed out temporary work permits to foreign-born exotic dancers.

The immigration minister at the time had been accused of giving preferential treatment to a Romanian stripper.

“The previous Liberal government gave blanket exceptions to foreign strippers to work in Canada despite warnings that they were vulnerable to forced prostitution and other exploitation,” Finley told Parliament.

“Thanks to today’s amendments, the good old days of Liberal ‘strippergate’ will be a thing of the past.”

Our illegal immigration problem is gonna be composed entirely of foreign strippers.

How cool is that?

Canada Rules!

Thankfully the government is pushing through these amendments. Rather than the horrible days of the past where strippers could legally come to Canada and potentially be victimized, we will now have strippers illegally in the country, unable to work at the more reputable clubs, and now it they complain about being victimized, we’ll kick them out.

What a well thought out plan.

[quote]pookie wrote:
Our illegal immigration problem is gonna be composed entirely of foreign strippers.

How cool is that?

Canada Rules!

Enviable problem indeed!

[quote]Ruggerlife wrote:
What a well thought out plan.[/quote]

That’s what happens when all the real problems have been taken care of.

Health care, deficits, education, energy, law-enforcement, etc. All those issues are solved in Canada, and there’s no problem left to tackle except for foreign worker strippers.

Next up, legislating the length of spaghetti noodles.