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Stripped Down Hypertrophy Exercises

I was hoping to get an answer to this question from anyone who has done the program. I posted in the article discussion forum but got no response, so I figured I’d try it here.

Joel says not to choose a squat and deadlift in the same exercise. I’ll be switching my exercises soon and I want to deadlift in the next phase. Does the leg press qualify as a squat or should I choose a different quad dominant exercise to pair with the deadlift?
Thanks for any replies.

Leg press is fine. The overall stress is far less than a squat.

I think I can safely say that I’ve never combined a squat and a deadlift in the same exercise.

Relevant information: yes, the leg press is closer to a squat than anything. It just depends how heavy you plan to go with it. I personally couldn’t deadlift and leg press heavy on the same day.

It’s a 5x5 4x10 mix. So I would alternate doing the Leg press and two other exercises 5x5 and then the dead and two other exercises 4x10. Then the next day is the same exercises but the set/rep scheme switches. Repeated 5x a week.
I’ll go for the leg presses and deads and see how it goes. Thanks for the responses guys.

[quote]Majin wrote:
Leg press is fine. The overall stress is far less than a squat.[/quote]

That’s what I figured, just wanted to see if I got a cosign.

Leg prss doesnt stress the lower back as much as a squat.
I do dead lifts on my back day anyway, it doesnt do much for my legs apart from my hams a bit.

Leg press is fine, though I did sissy squats myself. I think there would be too much overlap in the leg press and deadlift, depending on how you do each of these exercises, because you could just fry your hamstrings.