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Stripped Down Hyper Warm-ups

Hi All. I recently fell across the above program.
It looks like a good one to take up after I finish the next few weeks on starting strength.
However I was wondering how to incorporate warm up sets ?
On my 35 I did the following:
10reps bar
2 sets working up to weight
5 at work weight.

How do I warm up for the 55s and 410 in this program and still manage to complete it in under an hour (actually aiming for about 45mins)
Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can typically just do warm-up sets for your first upper body and lower body sets. You should be warmed-up enough heading into your 4x10 pairings.

Something to keep in mind is his rest period protocol.

[quote]Casually alternate for the A movements…so about 45-60 seconds between exercises when using the 4x10 scheme; 60-75 seconds for 5x5.

For the B movement via straight sets, around 60 seconds for 4x10, and 120 seconds for 5x5.

It’ll make a difference.