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Strip Sets for Functional Hypertrophy?


The reason I thought strip sets would be good for functional hypertrophy is because I thought that when you are getting close to failure on your set you are starting to hit your fast twitch type IIb fibers(functional muscle). So if I am using strip sets of only 5 reps total each time, I would finish one set of 5 just before failure and then drop some weight then go to another 5 reps just before failure and so forth. Every time I would be hitting my fast twitch type IIb fibers since I am going near failure. Am I Correct about this and it being good for functional hypertrophy?? Thanks for any help. I will use these sparingly.


I've trained using "strip sets" in the past. But It seems that I used them a bit differently than you are.

On the final set of each movement I would have my training partner strip enough weight off so that I could get another three to four reps.

I only did it on the final set as I did not want to take away from my strength on the other sets of the movement.

For example if I was doing Barbell Rows and working: 135-12 185-10 200-8 225-6 225-5 or 6 (strip 50lbs. or so) 175-4.

I felt that if I did each of the preceeding sets with a strip set at the end I would not have been able to go as high as 225 on the final set. And I think that weight progression is far more important than anything else. Afterall it is called "progressive resistance" exercise.

Make any sense?

Good luck,