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String Cheese


Is string cheese considered a "good food" considering that most string cheese brands have about 80 calories, 40-50 of those from fat, and anywhere from 6-10 grams of protein?


Yes its cheese

Just stay away from the Processed Cheese Food LOL like velveta



Good to know that a childhood classic is still on-the-menu.


No shit! Don't be afraid to make the move to real cheese some day... :wink:


If you look around there are low fat versions available.


Why would you eat a low fat cheese?


Check the sodium levels if that matters to you, otherwise it's fine.

I don't think it's particularly tasty cheese, myself, but it's convenient so I guess it has it's place.



personally I'm skeptical of anything labeled "low fat" or "zero fat", not just because it usually means it's made in a newfangled less natural way, but also because I still remember seeing sweets with large letters on the bags saying "ZERO FAT".

Even if cheese has a lot of saturated fat, I'm not afraid of it.. it wasn't until they invented margarine that clogged arteries became a pandemic..


The harder the cheese the better.


I usually go through two or three bags of string cheese a week. It's my favorite snack.


The OP appeared to be concerned about fat content, this is an alternative.