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String Cheese And Trans Fat


I like to eat this as its easy to carry around in fits into the anabolic diet, but I notice alot of them do have trans fats in them (the mozarella ones I have been buying have 0.1g in them). I usually comsume a couple of these a day so should I be that concerned about the trans fat? Does anyone know of any that doesn't contain trans fat?

For the record, nothing else I eat contains trans fat.


All meat and dairy products contain a small amount of naturally-occurring trans fat. Don't worry about it. The hydrogenated vegetable oils are the trans fats you have to worry about.


agreed. there should be no partially hydrogenated fat added in string cheese, you could check the ingredients to be sure.


Exactly. Even milk has trans fat in it, but it's the natural type. I wish the public was more educated on this.


As I understand it, FDA does not require listing any trans fat if the total amount is less than half a gram. I'm surprised it's even on there at .1.


Exactly, that doesnt make any sense.


thanks for the replies, much appreiciated.


Looks like I'm late to the party, but you might want to look into organic or all-natural string cheeses. If they're not available in your area, just avoid "partially hydrogenated" in the ingredients.


This might be of interest. Scroll down to the second question: