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Striking Stances



I was just curious what type of stance for MMA or stand-up y'all prefer and why.

Yes, we all switch it up, and we all should, but I'm also sure we all have one stance we prefer or consider our standard.

I prefer to what I think is more like a Dutch Muay Thai stance: lead foot straight forward, rear foot slightly angled out (less than a traditional boxing stance), on the balls of both feet, squared up, slightly more weight on the rear leg, hands between eye and chin height. Standing pretty tall. I have long-legs for my height, and really get distance out of that.

I like the stance because it's easy to check kicks, I feel light on my feet, and I like that my left/right ranges with my arms aren't all that different.

I do however, find myself slipping into a more western-boxer stance if I start throwing jabs.

What do you folks like?


Preference-wise, honestly, I go based upon whom is standing in front of me. If it's a taller person standing more upright, like yourself, then I get lower and move a bit more until I get inside. From there, I unleash my rage for being denied more height! My "standard" would have to be right-leg lead, and low. Modified wrestling stance. Lots of angles and explosiveness.


Yeah, this is similar to what I use, depending on range. When I'm further out I may stand a little taller, but if I'm in close I get pretty low. You lose a bit of kicking with the hips down like that, but what you gain from a wrestling standpoint more than makes up for it, IMO. Plus your boxing is still there 100%, a lot of carryover between boxing angles and wrestling angles.


What about checking kicks?


This, but I also keep rear leg straight forward as well, lead with the knee when throwing kicks.

Instead of checking kicks, I like to trinagulate and move forward through them. I have long upper legs, really like incorporating knees. especially with wrestlers and boxers as they shoot or roll.




You can still check just fine, but it's hard to get that downward chopping motion into your own kicks with the hips really low. You can still throw straight kicks just fine though. I'm not a big leg kicker anymore anyway, I've fractured my tibia twice and I'm a little gun shy with round kicks now.


Left foot forward (pointed at an angle), legs bent, arms up. It's really more of an aggressive stance. You can launch kicks and punches easily but kicks are harder to block (you can still block punches just fine). I developed this stance on the brawl scene, where nobody seems to kick much.