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Striking Cllinic

In light of what we’ve just witnessed…
I mean where to start really.

I actually felt that RR had declined, because of the ease of competition.
In full truth, I also feel she has displayed huge arrogance in her recent media engagements. I think perhaps she bought into her own hype and neglected her schooling in technique.

She was sobered up remorselessly tonight. I hope she takes this as an adjustment and comes back strong.
Holly Holm, take a bow and bask in the accolade you truely deserve.

mate i saw the confidence drain from rondas face in the 1st round and I knew she was done.

Maybe this will make her wake up and smell the coffee, stop doing hollywood shit and get a coach who actually knows what hes doing instead of cashing in on a mostly complete product.

There was no coming back from that first round, she was completely demoralised and it manifested physically.

I had actually been a long term RR fan, but was off put by the media persona and disregard for other martial arts - saying she’d beat mayweather pffft…

Cover of ring magazine!!! My ass

Fancy padwork is not boxing.

A great night for MMA!
not so much for the UFC if Ronda will lose the rematch… (which she will at the moment, see below)

Never thought Holm was gonna pull it off although I thought exactly along the lines of Holm’s coaches.
-long clinch escapes, especially from arm drag / single necktie and dirty boxing situations
-not relinquishing control while going backwards
-sidestepping and long boxing on the initiative

she did this to a tee and the headkick was just too good to be true

Ronda’s boxing isnt bad, tbh.
It’s better than 95% of all MMA chics’.
It’s not overly technical and Ronda’s hips are plainly in the way for even decent form. (sorry but you can’t remove those)
But she always made the best of it- which is the most important aspect of championship fighting.
And she has power if the opponent is willing to stand and trade.
Since most of them DID there was seemingly little need to alter her style.

WHat is most intersting to me is what the former champ will do now.
Fill her gaps? Easier said than done: Her coach in all probability did lots of drills how to chase down a defensive standup fighter.
A bully-boxer like Ronda should ideally feel from time to time that its idiotic to go in recklessly.
BUT drilling and sparring with a superstar that has probably three embedded reporters in the ring WHILE SHE’S SPARRING is difficult.
Now who will spank her?
A mexcian strawweight? Plenty of those around! But such a guy would utterly crush her.
Maybe they hired a worn out female boxer or had some MMA guys who were treading her like a queen, since its clear she doesn’t know how to bridge that gap without resorting to brute force.

She needs new ideas and movements.
Is she willing to work on those? Probably not.
New gym? Hellyes, but the best is already taken by the new champ! (She should go to Ireland and Im only half-kidding)
Fem TRT? Its an option!
Will Miesha fare better against Holly?
Yes, but only sexually.