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Striking Arts After Orbital/Occipital Bone Reconstruction?

I was in an accident several weeks ago that left me bouncing from one medical center to another. I am currently recovering from a reconstruction of the left Occipital (or Orbital) bone.

The surgery itself is not a big deal, and its the most common ocular surgery performed. My concern is that my skull is now made of bone and plastic, with the left eye sitting right on top of a plastic insert.

So do I hang up my gloves and focus on Judo or other non-striking competitive sports, or confine my boxing to opponents with no arms or legs?

Does anybody think proper head gear, 16oz +/- gloves and decent defense is enough protection?

My doctor has cleared me for exercise and work, but no martial arts or sports for another 4 weeks because the muscles need time to bond with the plastic. I have time to think things over and welcome any and all suggestions.

This is the kind of thing thats its better thrust in a doctor, not internet forum advice… After you recover you can ask your doctor what he thinks about light sparring with some of that head gear that is closed in the face.

Why don’t you get a metal one.
I heard improving your guard works wonders too :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]blazindave wrote:
Why don’t you get a metal one.[/quote]

Lol, because its already in his skull…

[quote]Sagat wrote:
This is the kind of thing thats its better thrust in a doctor, [/quote]


[quote]No-Gi wrote:
blazindave wrote:
Why don’t you get a metal one.

Lol, because its already in his skull…[/quote]

Indeed “Nah you know what doc, hows about we take the plastic pussy one out and crank one of those titanium mothers in there…you know…Wolverine style”. Come on dude, I dont know how many surgeries you have had, but I’ve had a few, collarbones, radius, tibia, one surgery sucks enough and the risk of infection is high you don’t want to go messing around doing anything unneccessarily.

 To answer the original question, the other guys are right,  ask the Doc, not us. If he clears you, or wants some more info, I would go on titlemma.com and order the free catalouge (spelling?). They have so many frigin designs of head gear in there its insane,  I mean some that look like Mardi Gras masks on steroids, its nuts, Im sure you could find one to suit your needs.