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Striking a Balance

Ok, time to start a log here as well.

To give a brief bit of background, I have trained in a gym, this time around since 2017. Mostly machines with a little free weights as well. I had a setback due to an impinged shoulder, which in spring 2019 made me take a long break and in the early autumn start over with more focus on correct form. I was using the 8-12-8 progression method and started with low weights.

When Covid-19 hit the world, I was working myself back towards reasonable weights.
Since then I have quit the gym and purchased various bits of equipment for training at home.

I have a couple of dumbbells and a body-pump bar, I only ended up getting because everything was sold out everywhere.
Unfortunately the bar is only rated for 60 kilos so that is my limit for now. But as advice seems to be, that guys my age should focus on getting stronger in the high rep range anyway, that is probably a blessing in disguise at this point.
I also use some bands for assist and finishing work.

Recently I installed a pull-up bar and my new sub-goal is to be able to actually do a few wide grip pull-ups.

I train 3 times a week, with a chest/core and a back/shoulder day and an all-round day on Sundays. (Not much leg work at the moment as I am currently battling a funky knee, are but doing some therapist advised knee strengthening exercises every day.)

My overall long-term aim is to keep healthy and not become too weak as I move towards the second half of life. And keeping it fun - this should be a hobby that makes life better, not something that takes over my life - thus the balance part of the title.

Knee recovery A set:
Stability Lunge: 1x20
Bird dogs: 2x20
Band hip exercise: 2 sets of 15x variants

Band Pull apart: 1x50-purple
V-crunch: 2x20
Ax face pull with arm raise: 2x15-red
Band overhead jack-hammers: 3x10-blue
Pull-ups, band-assisted: 3x5
Barbell rows: 1x10x22,1x10x52, 3x10x62
Supinated band pull-downs: 3x10-purpleD+blueD
Seated high row: 3x10-greenD
Triceps one arm pull-down: 3x10-yellow
Overhead press: 1x5x22, 1x5x32, 3x10x42

(The colours are the various bands I use)

Sundays with no plans, means time for the full session.

It’s supposed to be an all round session with a main exercise and and finisher/assist exercise for the major muscle groups, but for the moment no leg work while I wait for the knee to get better.

Knee recovery B:
Stability Lunge, Bird dogs,1 leg glute bridges, Eccentric back exercise, Eccentric quad band exercise

Warm up:
Band Pull apart, Shoulder mobility set, V-crunch, Band Face pulls, Band good mornings, Hang knee raises

Main set:

Overhead press:
54.5x5 (PR)

Floor press:

Barbell row:

Band 1 hand crossover chest press: 3x10 - purple
Band straight arm pull downs, two-hand: 3x10 yellow&green
Angels and Devils: 2x10 - 1.25kg

Tuesday, so chest & core day.

Band pull-aparts, Band external rotator set

Sit-ups 3x20
Reverse hypers 3x20
Floor corkscrews 1x20
Band corkscrews 1x20
Band sledgehammer 1x20
Sideplank w/twist 1x20

20, 18, 15, 17 (alternating between floor and handles)

One arm band crossover flye (Low to high) :
12, 12, 12 - blue band

Band pull-overs:
20, 20, 20 - purple band

Chin-up, assisted:
5, 5, 5
(Replacing biceps curls.)

Side shoulder raise:
7,3kg x 15
7,3kg x 15
7,3kg x 15

Farmers walk:
50kg - 70 steps

Not too bad. Woefully bad at pull-ups though. (Too fat & too weak - but something to work at for sure.) Struggled a bit on the push-ups, but still, up by 5 from last week and 20 more than 2 weeks ago.

Workout tunes: Dirty Grave: Evil Desire

I am 48. I do not believe this advice at all in any way. You can get better at that range, but not stronger anyway. Your 1RM can actually progrees into you mid 40’s naturally before falling off, it’s cardio conditioning that takes a hit at 35. Really, just don’t anything stupid that could get you hurt, but don’t be afraid to up the weights.

I am 52. I 100% agree with @hardartery. Go as heavy as you can without dropping a weight on your face.

Hmm… not sure about it either tbh - but some knowledgeable people seems to recommend it. It makes sense from the viewpoint that as recovery becomes less efficient, lighter workouts will allow higher frequency. But probably it is also a matter of fitness/training level.

But right now, I think it makes sense to me to build up a solid base with focus on getting the form correct and assisting muscles ready for higher loads, before going for focussed strength training. (Much of my shoulder troubles last year was from handling higher weights than I was ready for form wise.)

That said, When I get a better bar - and my knee allows throwing in some squats, I am thinking of trying something like 5/3/1 to build some strength. (everybody and his mom seems to recommend it.) - But that is probably a few months in the future at this point.

Heh - yeah. Am trying to avoid that as a general rule actually :slight_smile:

But training alone with out proper racks, makes being sure I can handle a given weight an added consideration.

But thanks both for the feedback, stuff for thought.