StrikeForce NashVille

Holy crap! i can’t believe everyone i was rooting for lost.

Hendo did superbly well on the first round with those right hands.

King Mo is for real, i thought Mousasi was going to smoke him in the first round

Aoki got steam-rolled by Melendez =( a little piece of my heart died tonight with japan

who gives a shit about the fights did you see the brawl in the cage after the main event??? That was so sweet! The one dude was just kicking that Kanye West-ish douche in the face! I’m pissed CBS cut away from the fight though


who was getting kicked gang-beat style? Was that Mayhem under there? Whio was doing the kicking?

I don’t know right, but i’m pretty sure Nate tried to take Miller down and was the one who stomped him.

Just like Coleman did to Wandy

heres a link… it was pretty awesome